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Why Is Health Insurance Advantageous?

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Why Is Health Insurance Advantageous?

We all already know that there exists a thing called health insurance which is compulsory to have according to many rules of our government.

What we might not know is why?

Health insurance is a very advantageous thing for people as it offers many benefits that you might not be aware of. The government sees health insurance as a dire necessity because of the advantages it offers to the bearer of the insurance.

It protects the owner of the insurance from expenses that might just be far too great for the person to pay off. The insurance companies then step in and clear the dues for their client.

Apart from this very basic feature, there are other things that need to be laid out on the table for you to know.

Hospital Expense Coverage

The most basic coverage of health insurance includes hospital bills. Apart from being the most basic coverage, this is also the most major coverage. Hospital bills are taken care of by both government and private health insurance.

The hospital bill is particularly necessary to cover because these are the heaviest ones. The charges levied by doctors and the hospital for using the infrastructure are quite high and can finish up your sayings in one go (sometimes even that might not be enough). This is why when you search online for things like health insurance Trinidad, you will mostly find that the first benefit listed is usually the coverage of hospital expenses.

Instead of falling into a debt trap, it is simply common sense to make sure that you get at least the most basic coverage that takes care of your major bills which are mostly the hospital bills.

Pre and post-hospital coverage

In a realistic situation, no one rushes to the hospital the day you start feeling a bit under the weather. You try to cure it by taking some medicines that you are used to. If that doesn’t work you go to a doctor to get yourself checked up. The doctor prescribes you some medicines and asks you to get some tests done. Only after the test results point out a serious disease do you actually get yourself admitted to a hospital.

All the costs that are recorded before you actually get admitted to the hospital are the pre-hospital costs which are usually covered by your insurance company.

Similarly, post-hospital costs include things like getting a few check-ups prescribed by the doctor or medication that goes on after you are discharged by the hospital.

Both these costs are usually not included in your basic insurance but a few private insurance companies do help you cover these costs too.

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Ambulance Bill Coverage

The ambulance bill is also a bill that many people fail to foresee and it comes back as a nightmare for most. Many are under the false impression that an ambulance bill won’t amount to much but you may be surprised when you actually get the quotation. There is usually a base cost that is then combined with a ‘per kilometer’ cost which usually adds up to a lot.

The cost of an ambulance is quite high and without insurance, you might just burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Daycare Bill Coverage

The daycare bill somewhat resembles the bill that you would include in the pre and post-hospital bills. The only difference is that going to the hospital is not of concern while filing for this coverage.

According to the health experts at tatil health insurance, there are many daycare procedures like Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, removal of foreign bodies and other such treatments that might cost you a fortune. It is definitely a blessing when insurance covers the majority of the costs that you might have to bear for these procedures.

Many other procedures that also might be covered by your policy such as:

  • Tear duct operations
  • Eyelid incision
  • Corrective surgery for entropion, ectropion
  • Nasal sinus aspiration
  • Operation on the nasal concha
  • Stapedotomy
  • Stapedectomy
  • Auditory ossicles operation
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Middle ear operation
  • Middle ear reconstruction
  • Inner ear Incision
  • Glossectomy
  • Surgery for orthopedics and trauma
  • Fractures and sutures

It might be possible that your policy won’t cover some or even any of these procedures. It is always advisable to cross-check with your policy provider before being totally dependent on the coverage via health insurance.

Cashless Treatment

Suppose you meet with an accident and you are hospitalized. You suffer some major wounds which might require immediate surgery.

There would be hundreds of costs that need to be cleared side by side. The bills will start to mount up faster than you could imagine. Arranging cash for all the bills in a state of emergency mostly becomes impossible. The tension of the surgeries and the mental trauma of the accident will pose huge hurdles.

Being in such a position without health insurance by your side can simply spell disaster and can wreak havoc on your future.

With health insurance to cover these costs, you don’t have to worry about arranging any kind of cash. You can simply present your health insurance and contact your supplier. This will enable you to get clear of all the bills and activities that require you to shell out cash. After you get discharged from the hospital and you are healthy, you can simply start clearing out the small costs of the insurance.

Portable Feature

There might be times when you are scrolling through different health insurances and you find that yours does not offer the same kind of benefits when compared to a new policy you just discovered. The new policy might just be the perfect fit for your needs and health conditions.

In such a position there is a provision of porting your policy to the new company.

This is not a feature that is common to all policies so again, it is best to check with the insurance providers of both policies.

Health insurance might sometimes seem like a burden at the start but it is seen as the greatest blessing when it is actually availed. It can save you from depleting your savings and falling into a debt trap for the rest of your life. It is therefore a compulsion in the country to hold health insurance for your own protection.

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