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Which Branded Printer Ink Provides The Best Value

Which Branded Printer Ink Provides The Best Value

Which Branded Printer Ink Provides The Best Value Staff
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I have no doubt you are keen to find ways to save costs in your business. Heavy costs can be the death knell for even the most lucrative companies.

You might be surprised to learn that printer ink could be one of the reasons for your heavy costs. But it’s true.

In fact, the cost of your printer and equipment could be nothing compared to the ink you need to run it.

You can get some budget-friendly commercial printers from Vancouver and most of these do provide the high standard and high quality you want too. You could even purchase printers during a sale season.

They are quite often on offer and keen business owners snap them up.

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There’s one vital difference that makes ink more of an issue. Whereas a printer is a single, one-off cost, ink is an ongoing expense.

You’ll need to buy it regularly or choose to sign up for a subscription or you could buy it in bulk from Supply Link USA,  that’s why I think it’s useful to know how to save on this expense. The best way is to know the brands on the market providing the right value.


Kodak is well known for providing the cheapest branded ink on the market. It also provides great value with a quality product.

With black and white, Kodak will usually cost 3 cents for each page. As I’ll show, this kills the competition. For printing color, you’ll need to pay double that price.

However, that’s still more affordable than most other options on the market.


Epson tread quite close to the cost of ink laid out by Kodak. Crucially, though there are more options with this brand. While variety is the spice of life, it does make things increasingly complex.

You’ll need to focus more to ensure that you get a quality product. There are Epson options that aren’t ideal for commercial use.

With Epson’s cheapest ink in black and white, you’ll pay 3 cents per page. Again, this matches Kodak, but there is still debate about the level of quality on offer here.

Artisan Line is one of their best products and this reaches 5 cents per page. So, you will need to compare value to the final result when buying Epson ink.

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HP is closing in on the average costs. 4.2 cents per page is roughly what you’ll pay for black and white printing. Color printing is 7.2 cents per page.

Compared with the first two options on our list, this seems quite expensive. However, this is roughly what you should expect to pay from most brands.


While not quite as well-known Brother does match the cost of HP for black and white printing. Color is going to cost you a little more at 7.5 cents for each page.

You might assume that means you’re getting better quality. However, arguably it’s HP that delivers the best final result.


Dell is cheap but only if you’re buying black ink. For this, you could get it for 2.4 cents per page. However, as you might have guessed, there’s a catch here.

You can only access that price for certain printer models. Others are going to cost you a lot more. As well as this, color is not cheap at all and that’s where Del makes their money back.

So, people often turn to Dell because it looks like a bargain at first. They then discover that on average it will cost more than other brands overall.

I hope this helps you understand which ink brand could be the right choice for your budget. Do be aware that your printer will have an impact on the cost of ink.

You also need to make sure they two are compatible. You can also look into subscriptions. Some subscriptions will save you money but can lock you in for a long time. So, you won’t be able to change without losing money.

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As well as this, although these are some of the best options on the market, they are still quite costly.

So, you could be looking for additional ways to save. You might want to consider buying remanufactured ink cartridges or toners. This provides the high standards you need from a company outside a typical ink brand at lower costs.

You’ll save money and you could even save on ink. You don’t even need to worry about losing your warranty. You are not tied down to only using branded ink on a printer that you buy.

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