When not to Get Things Done

When not to Get Things Done

Ah Ha! I’m Back! I hope you all missed me whilst I was away. No, I wasn’t abducted by Aliens and I haven’t run out of things to say! In actual fact I took a two week holiday – my first real break from work since Christmas and I decided that I wasn’t going to do anything. Yup, you heard me correctly, nothing, nada, zilch.

When I finally arranged my time off, I initially sat down and did a rather pretty mind map (in pink no less) of all the things that I thought I should do over my holiday and then I thought “Do you know what? I’m on holiday. Stuff it!” And I did.

This may seem a little strange as I’m a big advocate of Getting Things Done, however we all need a break now and then and I have to admit it was rather nice not to check a list every day to see what I was supposed to be doing and instead just do whatever I felt like (mainly sleep) when I felt like it (all the time).

We all have countless commitments both at home and work and sometimes it’s rather nice to be able to forget them all and just go with the flow. You might ask if I felt guilty. Maybe for the first couple of days but not for long!

Anyway, I’m back now (you can’t get rid of me that easily) and normal posting will resume shortly.

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