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When Home Technology Doesn’t Go To Plan

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Technology is a great thing for most of us and benefits our lives in all sorts of ways. However, they do tend to go a little bonkers at times. Think about the film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ where the computer goes out of control and refuses to do anything it should. Sometimes, if we have a lot of tech in our homes, it can feel like that, even for the most tech-savvy amongst us. Here are some of the common problems that happen to us all and how to fix them.

Your TV picture is awful

Probably one of the most frustrating things about technology in our home is when we can’t get a good quality TV picture. TV’s aren’t cheap so you wouldn’t expect to be dogged by a bad image in this day and age.

Unfortunately, the picture quality is rarely anything to do with the TV itself. Most TV’s are in HD now so than means there are more pixels than even our eyes can recognize. So the problem usually lies with your reception. A good solution to this is to check that there is not an issue with your aerial and call in the professionals to help if necessary. They can install an antenna on your property that will help boost your signal giving you a better quality picture.

Some people choose to go with satellite or cable TV to resolve this problem as well.

Your computer freezes

There is not much more irritating than a computer that freezes, stopping you from doing whatever you need to do and, in some cases, preventing you from shutting it down. It only ever seems to happen when you are trying to meet an important deadline, which adds to the frustration. It is worth reading up (before it freezes, so you know what to do!) and understanding the process of getting it working again. If you have a Mac, can be pretty useful. As well as that, make sure your computers are up to date with virus protection and that you do the suggested updates.

Your internet keeps cutting out

If you are having trouble with a wobbly internet connection, it can be pretty annoying, especially if you work at home. Use your PC’s settings to see if you can repair the connection. But if it is happening regularly, then it is worthwhile speaking to your internet provider.

Remember that they sell their products partly on the speed of the connection in all those flashy adverts, so you are well within your right to complain if yours is not performing. Sometimes resetting it from their end is all that is needed to clear the problem.

You can’t get a mobile phone signal in your home

Another super annoying issue if you discover, you can’t get a cell phone signal in your new home. As most people rely on their mobiles these days, it’s not on to have to go to the bottom of the garden or hang out the bathroom window just to be able to send a text. Luckily most providers will give you a free booster box, which connects to your WIFI, which will allow you to use your phone as normal.

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