10-Point Checklist for Choosing the Right Lash Style

10-Point Checklist for Choosing the Right Lash Style


Do you struggle with finding the right lash extension style during your lash appointments? Here’s a checklist to help you choose the perfect style for clients.

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As a lash artist, do you often get clients still unsure which lash style they should get? You may already know this, but picking a style that suits your clients best is part of the job.

Ensuring you have the right lash style for each client is key to converting them into loyal customers! Giving them exactly what they’re looking for means everyone leaves happy, guaranteeing repeat visits to your salon. Here are the things a lash artist should consider:

Eye Shape

Different lash styles suit different eye shapes. For example, if your client has round eyes, the Cat Eye or Butterfly lash style will help lessen the roundness with sharper outer corners.

When selecting lash extension styles, lash artists must first determine their clients’ eye shapes. This takes a lot of skill for an eyelash artist, but by identifying your client’s eye shape, you can choose a lash style that accentuates their natural shape perfectly.

Natural Lash Health

Lash health plays a vital role in choosing a client’s lash style. Before selecting the lash style your client will love, carefully evaluate their natural lashes.

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For instance, if your client wants voluminous lash extensions, you must ensure their natural lashes can support the extra weight. Always consider their lash health before deciding on a lash style, as beautiful lashes with strong lash health will last much longer.

Lash Colour

Lash styling is no longer limited to standard black or brown lash extensions. As a lash artist, you can get creative and explore the range of lash colours available. They come in fun and exciting colours like blue, pink, purple, and other shades.

You can also mix two colours to make a unique lash look for your client. Make sure to always consult with your client about their preferred lash colour.

Lash Length

During pre-session consultations, lash artists must assess their clients’ natural lashes’ maturity. For instance, you must check their baby lashes. These lashes are delicate and an essential factor when choosing their lash length.

Helping your client choose the perfect lash style also involves understanding their sleeping habits. If they usually sleep on their side, you’ll use shorter and thinner extensions on the inner and outer corners. This is to avoid overstressing natural lashes.

Lash Curl

Eyelash entrepreneurs select appropriate lash curls to craft gorgeous lash styles for their clients. From C to M, there are different options to choose from. The flatter the curls of the lash extensions, the longer they look.

But if your client wants a more dramatic look, it’s better to go for curlier extensions. Also, remember that the curlier the lash extensions, the shorter they look.

Lash Thickness

While selecting lash extensions, lash thickness or volume is an important thing to consider. Lash volume refers to how dense and full the lashes appear. Choose a lash style with the right volume to suit your client’s desired look.

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Going for thicker lashes will give your clients a dramatic, smoky lash look that draws attention to the eyes. But if they want something that will make their lashes look more natural, you should opt for thinner lashes.

Type of Material

Lash extensions come in different types of materials. Choosing the best lash material type contributes to how beautiful the lashes look or how comfortable they are when worn by clients. Synthetic lashes are hypoallergenic, making them the most commonly used lash material.

Depending on the material used, lash extensions can be shiny, matte, thin, or silky. These finishes also magnify the beauty of a chosen lash style.

Lifestyle and Lash History

When recommending a lash style to a client, consider their lifestyle. During pre-session consultation, you can ask your client about their lifestyle and lash history, including how often they plan to come in for fill appointments.

This information lets you recommend lash styles that won’t disrupt their everyday activities and become more of a nuisance than a glow-up. For example, if your client spends most of their time in the office, a more natural lash set would best suit them.

Special Occasion

You can never go wrong by asking your client what special occasion brought them to your salon. Everyone has different lash preferences and occasions that call for lash extensions!

Are they attending a wedding and need long and lush lashes? Or will they celebrate a laidback anniversary and prefer a more delicate and natural-looking set? It’s important to understand why they are getting lash extensions to provide the most appropriate style.


Lash extensions require tender loving care to keep them looking their best. Without proper eyelash aftercare, your client’s lash style wouldn’t last as long as it should. So, don’t forget to educate your clients on the basics of proper lash maintenance at home.

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Advise your clients to regularly clean their new lashes with lash shampoo and brush them to avoid the buildup of dirt and other residues. Also, remind them to come to your salon for fill-in appointments every 2-3 weeks.

The Perfect Lash Style For Your Client Is Out There

Choosing the right lash style is a game-changer for your client’s look. Giving expert advice and incorporating your client’s preferences will guarantee maximum client satisfaction.

Always ask your clients what they want and respect their decisions. Learn to adjust when necessary. Satisfied clients that go home with the style they wanted are far more likely to return!

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