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What To Do If A Roofing Company Damages Your Property

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What To Do If A Roofing Company Damages Your Property Staff
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It can be devastating to come home and find your roofing contractor has caused damage to your property. Your mood changes from that of excitement to a mixture of frustration and anxiety. You get worried about how you will solve the issue without being unfair to either of you.

According to Low Cost Roofing, some of these damages can occur due to negligence, while others due to natural causes. To avoid creating a huge mess from what has already happened here is how to handle such situations:

Assess The Property

As we have said, some damages occur as a result of natural causes, while others are the contractor’s fault. Evaluate the value of the damaged property to know what to do if the damage is the contractor’s fault and they fail to take responsibility.

Value evaluation is important because you can take the case in small claims court if property damage does not exceed $25,000.

In cases of natural causes, the contractor is not to blame. Here, you have to file a claim with your insurer. But, if the damage is the contractor’s fault, they have to compensate you.

Talk To Your Lawyer

This action is relative. You do not have to involve a lawyer if property damage is below $25,000 since the situation can be handled in a small claims court. Also, when your contractor is cooperating and willing to take responsibility, you do not have to incur expenses for hiring a lawyer.

But, some contractors, especially those whose companies are not insured, can avoid the situation. If you suspect your contractor wants to dodge damages caused by their negligence, contact your lawyer and let them know of the problem.

Talk To The Contractor

When you find the house in a mess, it is advisable not to start acting aggressively towards your contractor. Sometimes, accidents occur, and besides having your property damaged, the contractors maintain serious injuries.

If you had hired a professional, they could explain what happened for such to happen. Some will offer to reimburse you for the damages and continue renovating your roof, while others will file claims through their company’s insurance. Either way, they ensure you are satisfied with how they handle the situation because they would love to maintain you as their client.

Leave A Review

Most businesses have an online presence where customers can find them easily without getting into their offices. They are also registered on a third-party platform where customers can leave reviews based on their experiences with them.

If the contractor is rude despite the damages being a result of their negligence, you can leave a review on their website and other third-party platforms. Such reviews help other homeowners avoid the contractor to save themselves from expenses caused by such damages.

Use The Contractor’s Insurance To File A Claim

Before hiring a roofing contractor, it is recommended to check whether they are insured. The insurance is what covers damages in case they occur. Professional contractors value their clients, and in cases of property damage, they file insurance claims on behalf of their clients.

When the costs of the damages are not high, some of these contractors may offer to reimburse you from their pockets. Their aim is to avoid inconveniencing you since insurance may take long.

Talk To Your Neighbor

Sometimes, contractors can damage your neighbor’s property when working on your roof. For example, they may need more clearance, and the tree in your compound has overgrown and is affecting their work. To create a good working environment, they have to trim some of its branches.

Some can fall on your neighbor’s property as they trim the branches, causing damages. Consider talking to your neighbor about the incident and how you are going to compensate them for the damages. The contractor’s insurance should cover the damages because it is the contractor’s fault.

Damages that occur during roofing can slow down your project. The situation worsens when you cannot settle it with the contractor and have to take extra steps to ensure you are compensated. When you are about to renovate your roof, remember its completion can be affected by unseen occurrences.

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