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What Procedures Do Urologists Perform?

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What Procedures Do Urologists Perform? Staff
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A Urologist is a doctor who is specialized in taking care of the organs that are related to the urinary system. For both men and women, the reproductive organs are quite intertwined with the urinary system. Therefore a Urologist can be consulted for issues with the urinary system as well as reproductive organs in the pelvis as well. If an individual experiences difficulty with the urinary system, such as pain, burning sensation or unexplained difficulty in passing urine, you may need to consult a Urologist and preferably from the best Urology Hospital in Bangalore in India.

Bangalore houses some of the best Urologists and Speciality hospitals to treat issues relating to the urinary system. Therefore it is recommended to seek a Urologist upon the first few symptoms of a urinary tract infection, prostate pain or kidney stones.

Why See A Urologist?

A Urologist can help in treating multiple diseases relating to the urinary system. There are many simple out-patient procedures as well that can be performed by a Urologist. Diseases relating to the Urinary system fall into a broad category such as kidney stones, prostate inflammation, urinary tract infections, infections in the bladder or ureter. A Urologist also specializes in men’s reproductive issues and procedures such as Vasectomies, Circumcision, Undescended Testicle correction, Erectile Dysfunction, etc. These are some very common procedures that can be treated by some of the best Urology Hospitals in Bangalore.

It is best to visit your Urologist once a year if you are between the age of 30 to 50. Above the age of 50, it is recommended to consult with a Urologist at least once in 6 months. This is to ensure that everything is healthy with your urinary and reproductive organs and to avoid major diseases such as kidney failure or cancer in the urinary system, which is one of the major causes of death in men above the age of 50. Cancers are common in the prostate and the bladder for men. For women, cancer in the cervix is very common, and severe UTIs which are left untreated will result in major health concern leading to organ failure. These conditions can be managed and controlled by visiting your Urologist regularly and getting your health checked.

Procedures That A Urologist Can Perform

A Urologist can perform a wide variety of procedures and treatments. Some of the procedures performed by a Urologist is mentioned below:

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Vasectomy And Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy is a male birth control procedure. Vasectomy involves snipping of the Vas Deferens, which cuts off the supply of sperms. This is a common procedure that only takes 20 to 30 mins. For those who want to reconsider conception, the reversal of vasectomy can be done.

Prostate Treatments

Prostate inflammation is a common disorder seen in men. This can be treated in most cases with few non-invasive procedures such as Urolift, TUNA, TURP and TUIP. All of these procedures adjust the pressing of the inflamed prostate on the bladder to ease the pain. Prostate inflammation to other organs can create acute pain, difficulty in passing urine and infections in most cases.

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Prostate Biopsies are also done in men above the age of 35 to determine if they are affected by prostate cancer so that preventive and causal measures can be taken. Early detection helps in curing prostate cancer in men.

Ureteroscopy And Lithotripsy

Lithotripsy is a procedure where shock waves are used to destroy big kidney stones, which may be then passed in urine or removed via another procedure called Ureteroscopy. A thin device is inserted through the ureter reaching the kidney to remove the smaller sized stones.

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Orchiopexy is a surgical procedure done by a Urologist. This involves the detachment of the testes from the abdomen or groin and is then transferred to the scrotum. The testes are attached using stitches to the scrotum.

Penile Plication And Penile Implants

Penile Plication is an advanced treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Curved or disfigured penis shapes are corrected via stitches in this procedure so as to correct erectile disorders due to curvature in the penis. For those with severe cases, Penile Implants and prostheses are also treatments for Erectile dysfunctions in which implants are used to correct erection disorder.


This procedure is performed on newly born boys and, in some cases, adults. Circumcision is done for all boys in some cases, and for others, it may be a hygiene and aesthetic factor. It is a very simple, common out-patient procedure for which you may consult a Urologist.

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