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What Are the Benefits of Shrinking Your Waste Size?

What Are the Benefits of Shrinking Your Waste Size?

What Are the Benefits of Shrinking Your Waste Size? Staff
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Ok, bear with us, what we’d like to discuss here is a lot of rubbish – or, more accurately, how your business can stop producing it.

We all understand the need to embed environmentally friendly practices into our work culture. Perhaps your company already recycles its IT equipment or has cut down on the amount of electricity you use.

But did you know that shrinking the size of your waste can also significantly reduce your carbon footprint? The volume of rubbish produced by businesses and people across the country can be staggering – and a lot of it could avoided if you make better choices. It’s important to be responsible in waste management, also knowing the effects of what you throw, and how it can give an impact to your surroundings.

Carry out a waste assessment

So, what steps should you take to tackle the problem head on – and make sure your company’s as eco friendly as possible? The first thing you need to do, obviously, is find out how much waste you’re creating. The only way you’ll be able to get on top of it, after all, is by knowing exactly what you’re dealing with.

So start by carrying out a detailed assessment: you can do this yourself or with the help of a specialist waste company or baleforcerecyclingequipment.


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Devise a clear strategy

It’s one thing to understand more about what you’re producing, but how do you go about making any necessary changes in your company? You’ll need to devise a clear strategy that identifies a set of goals, and ensure it achieves the following objectives:

  • Sets goals for waste reduction going forwards;
  • Encourages all staff to reduce waste (introducing a paperless office initiative for example);
  • Suggest new methods of waste reduction;
  • Produces clear outlines of the benefits of reducing waste, so that a consistent message can be promoted and
  • Monitors progress towards waste reduction targets.

Invest in waste management machinery

If your waste assessment shows that you’re creating a large amount of unavoidable rubbish, dedicated machinery may be the best way to tackle it.

There are a wide variety of rubbish compactors available now that can significantly reduce the physical size of your waste. This means you gain space, take control of your refuse and cut down on the transportation costs of taking waste to recycling centres and landfill.

If you’re unable to afford waste machinery, or perhaps you don’t have the space for it, then consider partnering with a rubbish removal company who will deal with all your waste needs – just check that they have the appropriate recycling policies in place first.


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The benefits of reducing your overall waste

Cost savings

Because your business pays for waste disposal by volume, it goes without saying that reducing that volume will reduce disposal costs.

Improving sustainability

Customers are increasingly demanding that businesses act in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. Committing to better waste management is just one way your business can work towards that aim.

Cutting emissions

All waste products have a carbon footprint and landfill is a major source of methane and carbon dioxide emissions. Efficient waste management can reduce an organisation’s contribution to this problem.


Image Source: Pexels

We hope we’ve given you some insight here on how to shrink your own ‘waste size’ – and the benefits that could bring. Reducing our carbon footprint matters to everyone – and it’s certainly a business objective that’s not rubbish at all.

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