Weekly Round-Up #241: Stay Healthy Under Stress, Declutter Your Home And Reducing Your Plastic Waste

Weekly Round-Up #241: Stay Healthy Under Stress, Declutter Your Home And Reducing Your Plastic Waste


This week we take a look at how you can stay healthy even though you’re feeling stressed, free up 12 wasted days by decluttering your home and how you can become more environmentally friendly by making some simple swaps or changing your recycling habits.

Weekly Round-Up #241: Stay Healthy Under Stress, Declutter Your Home And Reducing Your Plastic Waste
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Welcome to this week’s round-up, I hope you’ve had a fun and productive week. This week we take a look at how you can stay healthy even though you’re feeling stressed, free up 12 wasted days by decluttering your home and how you can become more environmentally friendly by making some simple swaps or changing your recycling habits.

Home Maintenance, Home Improvement, And Water Problems – Protect Your Investment – Best-SumpPump

Home maintenance is keeping everything about your home in good working order – fixing broken or worn components as necessary and doing all you can to protect your home from damage. It’s a crucial element of home ownership that keeps small problems from becoming large (and expensive) issues.

STI Symptoms Checker – Zava

With many students enjoying the start of their freshers’ experience, it’s important for all adults to be fully informed on the risks that come with unprotected sex and the signs of a potential STI.

What Are 10 Natural Ways You Can Stay Healthy Under Stress? – TrueWellnyss

Our bodies are the best indicators for giving warning signs when we are sick or injured. But what about stress? Stress is our bodies reaction to changes mentally, physically, and emotionally. This can have a great impact on us so it’s important to know how to stay healthy when you’re in a stressful situation.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be… – Perkbox

Is your current job anything like the job you dreamed of having as a child? A new survey by Perkbox Insights of 1,567 found that a huge 64% of adults still wish they were working in their childhood dream job now, but only 4% were successful in making their dream job a reality.

Weekly Round-Up #281: Budgets, Trends & Podcasts
In this week's round-up we take a look at a great budgeting system that will help you save money and still allow you to have some fun and we take a look at some trends for 2021 - fitness, beauty and remote working and, as it's super popular right now...

How To Declutter Your Home – LuvMiHome

According to NAPO, we spend the equivalent of around 12 days a year looking for things we can’t find. If you could free up those 12 wasted days, and reduce your housework by 40%, and end the closet-shame, think about how much easier life would be. Not only would life be easier, but you may also be healthier.

15 Ways To Make Saving Fun – Credit.com

We all know saving is essential to sound financial health, but it’s not always fun. Compared to spending, which can provide instant gratification in the form of food or a new watch, saving can seem elusive and boring. Finding methods that provide visual signs of progress and positive feedback can help make saving more tangible—and more fun.

The Future Of Facial Recognition – RS Components

Facial Recognition technology identifies users by scanning facial structures, expressions and face contours to identify users and is often used to improve security and access to restricted content such as personal mobile phones or banking data for example. Whilst the technology is set to improve how companies operate and make the user experience more efficient in certain industries, many have concerns over privacy and facial recognition leave many divided over its use in the modern-day.

The UK’s Most Interesting Eating Habits – Leisure Range Cookers

Leisure has surveyed over 1,000 UK residents to reveal the nation’s most interesting eating habits. Pizza appears on people’s weekly menus the most, with 43% having it at least once a week. This is followed by Spaghetti Bolognese and a Sunday roast.

Simple Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste – Tombola

Brits are unknowingly eating the equivalent of a plastic coat hanger every month thanks to hidden plastics in everyday items. Sounds weird right? Well while some attempts at recycling or swapping single-use plastics for reusable versions might seem pretty straight forward, there are inconspicuous plastics lurking in everyday items.

12 Common Types Of Mold Found In The Home – Apartment Living Tips – Apartment Tips from ApartmentGuide.com

While some types of fungi can be edible, like mushrooms or yeast, mold isn’t one of them. In fact, it can be harmful to ingest or even inhale. There are more than 100,000 types of mold that are found both indoors and outdoors. They grow best in damp and dimly lit areas, making attics, basements and bathrooms home to many varieties of this unwanted fungi.

What Brits Want In Their Dream Homes & Kitchens – Arlo and Jacob

Whether it’s flicking through interiors magazines, scrolling through Pinterest or watching MTV Cribs, we are all obsessed with luxury homes. But if we had the choice, what would our ultimate dream home look like and how much would we be willing to pay for it?

31 Most Desirable Birthday Freebies In… – OnlineMoneyPage

Having your birth celebrated every year by family and friends is great, but let’s be honest: we mostly look forward to it because of the presents. Here’s something interesting: there are companies out there that will reward you for being born. You can get plenty of free birthday stuff by signing up for mailing lists to receive the gifts. Here are 31 companies offering freebies to birthday gals and guys.

The House Historian Finding Extraordinary Stories Behind Every Front Door – Foxtons

Independent UK house historian and author Melanie Backe-Hansen talks about her job and the hidden histories behind (almost) every front door. She explains her process for uncovering extraordinary stories and reveals some of her favourite discoveries around London and the UK.

Internet Safety For Teens, Kids, And Students – BEST VPN ZONE 2019

Children of all ages spend considerable time surfing the Internet, it’s therefore vital that both parents and teachers are forewarned about dangers that lurk online. As importantly, they must be taught how to avoid them.This article covers Internet safety tips against the most common threats for parents and teachers that will help to protect kids online.

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Me Versus The MBTI
It's not often that I write about myself personally; I guess I find it a little embarrassing. However I have recently been taking an inward look at myself (which is something I don't do nearly often enough) and I thought I'd write about what I've discovered.

The Secrets Of The Google Ads Auction – The PPC Machine

Every time you carry out a Google search, Google runs an auction to decide which Google Ads adverts to show and in which order. This is known as the ad auction. In this article you can learn all about how the auction works and how you can get your ads seen.

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