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Weekly Round-Up #241: Egg Coffee, Disney Villains And No-Gym Workouts

Weekly Round-Up #241: Egg Coffee, Disney Villains And No-Gym Workouts

Weekly Round-Up #241: Egg Coffee, Disney Villains And No-Gym Workouts

Welcome to this week’s round-up, I hope you’ve had a fun and productive week. This week we take a look at the newest coffee sensation – egg coffee, how Disney villains would decorate their homes in 2019 and how to get a great workout without having to go to a gym.

Egg Coffee – Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Coffee Sensation – Coffee Gear Spy

If you’re looking for a new twist on your morning brew, then you may want to give Egg Coffee a try. Now, before you bulk at the idea, you may be intrigued to know that Egg Coffee is very popular in Vietnam and is growing in popularity across the globe.

How WordPress Changed The Internet – 17 Facts About WordPress –

The internet has changed a huge amount but WordPress really was a game-changer. There’s so much information out there that BroadBandSearch decided to pull everything together in one place so you’ll be a WordPress expert in no time.

Aerial Views Of 8 Ancient Trails – Runaway Suitcase did research to finding the oldest trails in the world and narrowed them down our eight favorite. What makes them our favorite? We were looking for the right combination of age, interesting locations, and historical importance, as well as geographic diversity.

How To Follow-Up Your Website Enquiries To Increase Sales – The PPC Machine

This article looks at the importance of following up in an appropriate way when you receive a lead via your website.

No-Gym Workout Methods To Get In Peak Shape – Groom+Style

Groom+Style are on a mission to help people get active and incorporate exercise into their busy schedules. We know it can be hard to make time for the gym so they set out to create the best resource on non-gym alternatives.

How 6 Disney Villains Would Decorate Their Homes In 2019 – Angie’s List

Even Disney villains need a day off from terrorizing the sweet and innocent every now and then. But did you have them down as being part-time interior designers? No? Us neither. That’s why the interior design experts at Angie’s List stepped in to give their dark, evil lairs a much-needed facelift.

The Best Cities In Europe For New Graduates –

of your life (which absolutely does not involve moving back to your hometown). You know you want a fresh start in a new city, but where’s best to kick-start your career? Using data from from the European Commission and Numbeo, the career experts at have ranked 32 European cities to find the best places for graduates to begin their careers.

Create A Custom Tour – South America Travel

Unlike Europe, train travel in South America is not connected by a cohesive network between countries, and often not even within countries. In some countries like Argentina, train travel is experiencing a renaissance, yet in many others, train travel is more of a rarity. Nevertheless, South America has a wealth of stunning stations throughout the continent. From a station dreamed up by the designer of the Eiffel Tower, to one in the Victorian style like stations in London, the variety of styles is expansive. For train enthusiasts, architecture lovers, and general amateur historians, we dip back in time and look into some of the most beautiful train stations in South America.

The Growing Need Of Mobile Threat Defense – Scalefusion

The ever-growing pertinence of mobile devices and our increasing dependency on them is like a coin with two sides – at one end, the benefits and convenience provided by mobile devices, in both personal and professional world, are matchless and totally extendible, but on the other side, mobile devices have the capacity to expose sensitive data to the wrong people who can do us irreparable harm. The risks and threats posed by cyber-criminals, hackers and identity thieves are now dangerously real.

Quoting Auto Insurance Rates By Zip Code – AutoInsurance.Org

AutoInsurance.Org are a free online resource for anyone interested in learning more about auto insurance. Their goal is to be an objective, third-party resource for everything auto insurance related. Offering free quotes they help users easily compare multiple car insurance providers to find the best quote. They update our site regularly, and have a directory of articles and guides to help you get started finding the cheapest auto insurance rates.

The Rise Of The Female Entrepreneurs – AppJobs

Gender equality in the workplace has been increasingly improving, with more of a spotlight being brought to the subject over the last few decades, particularly recently with the Gender Wage Gap. But how do women fair in the world of self-employment? Appjobs has analysed OCED data to reveal which countries lead the way with the highest levels of female self-employment, as well as the gender pay gap for the self-employed in each country. AppJobs have also asked over 1,000 people across the UK about how easy it is to be self-employed as a woman.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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