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Weekly Round-Up #86: Improve Your Office, Sort Your Manager Out And Master Your Bedtime

Weekly Round-Up #86: Improve your office, sort your manager out and master your bedtime

Weekly Round-Up #86: Improve Your Office, Sort Your Manager Out And Master Your Bedtime

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up! We have a wide variety of articles for you to check out this week so grab yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up and see why we should all be acting like a millennial and the rules of an office you may have missed.

Here’s How You Can Instantly Improve Your Office – Buzzfeed DIY

Want to jazz up your office a little bit but not sure what you’re really in the market for? Take this mini-test from Buzzfeed DIY to find out what you need to pimp out your office.

How to Simplify Your Life with Systems – Asian Efficiency

It’s all well and good being organised, but are you actually working at optimum efficiency? In order to get things done we need a tried and trusted system that will help us be productive rather than dazzle us with bells and whistles and take us away from we’re trying to achieve. This post from Asian Efficiency explains the basics of a system and why they’re so important.

Why Everyone Should Be Embracing The Millennial Work Style – Heleo

I’m at the awkward stage where I’m not really generation X but I don’t qualify for being called a millennial thanks to being a couple of years too old (okay, maybe a few but who’s counting?) and I identify with both age groups. There was some stuff in this post that rings true. I’ve never worked for a company that I’ve felt will give you the career progression from bottom of the ladder to top, if you want to move up you have to move on, which is what millennials do. The problem is that companies are losing valuable talent through this process – when with they catch on I wonder?

7 Expert-Backed Tips For How To Make A New Habit Permanent – Huffington Post Healthy Living

Practice, practice, practice! Do something enough and it will become a habit… or will it? This article from the Huffington post covers some interesting ways to make a regular thing form a habit.

15 office rules no one tells you – Mashable

You may have just started a new job, you may have been in one a long time and may have forgotten the rules, you may just be that guy in the office. Whoever you are, please read this an restore some order to the office!

Get A Daily Dose Of Motivation – Shopify

I was emailed recently with a link to a free “Quote Of The Day” email service. Usually I wouldn’t bother with these but this one is just for motivational quotes which we all need sometimes to help lift use out of a morning funk, or just feel better about the day ahead. Get ready to be more motivated with just a few simple words!

A Step By Step Guide On How To Remove Your Online Presence – IFL Science!

Sometimes we may need to remove our digital selves from public view. Maybe you just want to start fresh or perhaps you’re going for a job that would frown upon pictures from 10 years ago of you playing beer pong. Whatever the reason IFL Science! has a the answers on how to get rid of your information from most major networks and Search engines.

9 Things Managers Do That Make Good Employees Quit – Entrepreneur

A lot of the time when employees leave a firm, they’re not leaving the company they are leaving the department or person they are working for. Why? Because their management is ineffective – either through bad management practices, lack of support or simply not being recognised. This 2016 article from Entrepreneurgoes over 9 reasons why an employee may leave, back in 2006 – a full 10 years ago! – I wrote an article about ineffectual management and how you could change your manager’s way of working to your advantage. It would appear that after all this time things haven’t changed, in fact I’d say the situation may even have even worsened over that period.

Pinkcast 1.2: A simple trick for getting the right stuff done – Daniel H. Pink

In this short but to-the-point video Dan Pink explains what a “Most Important Task” is. As regular readers you probably will be aware of what they are, but for newer readers they can really help you get stuff done and become more productive. It’s also worth checking out the comments under the video as other readers have loads of advice, apps and extensions to use that will help you get your M.I.T done.

Best iOS 10 Features: The Clock App’s “Bedtime” Feature Actually Changed How I Sleep – Tech.Mic

iOS 10 is currently in public beta (as of the time of writing) and you can register for the public beta if you’d like to try out the following cool addition to the operating system. The clock app in iOS 10 has been enhanced to include a “bedtime” clock. You simply enter the time you want to get up, how many hours sleep you want and it will alert you when it’s bedtime. There’s no excuse for not getting your full 8 hours now!

If you’re on Android then you could run this IFTTT bedtime notification recipe on your phone or you could try the Sleep Calculator AppEditors Note: I’ve not tried either yet but I have just installed Sleep Calculator which looks like it’s a hidden gem based on the comments. Check back for a review soon!

Have A Great Weekend

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Featured Image: Alarm Clock Stand by Condesign on Pixabay

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