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Weekly Round-Up #85: How To Leave Work By 4pm, How To Get Into A Routine And Achieve Your Goals

Weekly Round-Up #85: How To Leave Work By 4pm and How To Get Into A Routine

Weekly Round-Up #85: How To Leave Work By 4pm, How To Get Into A Routine And Achieve Your Goals

Weekly Round-Up #85: How To Leave Work By 4pm and How To Get Into A Routine

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at getting your calendar under control, taming Gmail and setting achors.

How to leave work by 4pm today (and enjoy that drink you so richly deserve) – The Telegraph

I have never worked a job in my life where I was able (or should that be allowed?) to finish work at 4pm on a Friday. If my hours were 9 – 5.30pm then that’s when I finished irrespective of the day or the fact that “#4pmFinish” was trending – not that there were hashtags all those years ago! My current Friday finish time? 8pm! So for all of you who can finish early, read these tips to find out how you can escape on time you lucky souls!

7 simple calendar tricks that will level-up your team’s productivity – Microsoft Office Blogs

I like the idea of setting blocks of time in a shared calendar so that you can show that you don’t want – or cant’ attend – meetings. There’s also a few more neat ideas to help you manage your time effectively by making sure your calendar is working for you.

Hat Tip: WinBeta

iMac with "Do More" on the screen
In our daily lives, there is so much work that is based on templates. From emails to presentations, templates can be a great way to save some time and effort -- without sacrificing the quality of your output. If you’re regularly re-working the same document, think about using a template...

10 calendar apps for Android and iOS that will help you organize a chaotic day – Yahoo Tech

Sticking with calendars, Yahoo Tech rounds up some of the best alternative calendars you may not have heard of. Although GCal is on the list there are loads of others that you may want to try on both iOS and Android – and I didn’t realise Sunrise calendar was being shut down either which is a shame as that was excellent.

3 ways to motivate high performers – The Business Journals

There’s some good advice in this article about how to motivate high performers, and as a manager who will benefit from their talents it’s obvious you need to keep these individuals happy and performing well. I would have added a fourth way of motivating this type of employee and that’s recognition. After all, what’s the point of working really hard when your manager takes all the glory for your hard work? I’m not necessarily talking about financial recognition (although that is always nice!) sometimes a simple thank-you is enough.

6 of the best Gmail tricks you never knew existed – BGR

This article is worth reading just for the list on keyboard shortcuts alone. I’m a bit of a heavy keyboard user and prefer to use keys over my mouse any day and these shortcuts will help me get through my emails even quicker.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

How to Make The Best Decisions of Your Life Every Day – Career Girl Daily

You don’t have to continually second guess yourself if you follow these few simple rules in how to make your decisions in a more concious and meaningful way.

How To Bullet Journal. We Find The Best Guides For You! – Journal Notemaker Blog

This post is a must read for those of you looking at starting bullet journalling – as I am. I’ve been playing around with a few techniques for a while but this post rounds up a lot of styles, techniques and advice for you to check out and it has some great pictures for layout inspiration.

Hat Tip: Well Appointed Desk

Teacher talking with students online
Online courses are booming, especially with the various stay-at-home measures being taken worldwide due to COVID-19. The following article provides you with 7 important factors to look into when choosing your online course.

How to Achieve Your Goals with Quarterly Reviews – The Order Expert

The order expert has some great advice on how to run and manage a quarterly review which a great way of keeping track of your longer term and “bigger” goals. While I am a firm believer in a Weekly Review but larger goals tend to be lost when concentrating on what needs to be done in the next few weeks. It’s therefore important to hold another regular review for all the items that may fall off your weekly radar.

Round-Up: 7 Tips For Getting Into A Routine…Again! – The Love Nerds

I like the idea of creating “anchors” which are set points during the day which you build your tasks around. These will certainly help you maintain a routine which regular readers will know I’m a fan of, this will help you lay out your daily and weekly schedules so that you can stick to them easier.

Have A Great Weekend

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