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Weekly Round-Up #38 – Stop being a time optomist, Think different to stop being late and get GMail working for you

Weekly Round-Up - Cowboy Lassoing Text

Weekly Round-Up #38 – Stop being a time optomist, Think different to stop being late and get GMail working for you

Welcome to this weeks Round Up. Someone told me this week it’s 100 days until Christmas. I’ve not checked that fact yet as we haven’t gone past Halloween (one holiday at a time please) and SERIOUSLY? Who’s that organised they’re thinking about Chrimbo in September…. a lot of my Customers apparently – and good for them for being so together!

I can just focus on one thing at one time, and at this point it’s what I want to dress up as for Halloween – suggestions welcome (I make my own costume each year you know – Click here to see last years…).

Anyway,  I hope you enjoy these articles I’ve found this week. If you have any suggestions for other articles  please let us know in the comments.

Use Google Forms To Watch Your Spending – Make Use Of

This is a really great solution to the question “Where did my money go?”

If you’ve been following my Back To Uni series you’ll know that budgeting is a really important part of student life. This article shows you some simple tricks to use free Google Sheets funcionality to track your spending so you don’t have to spend a bundle on accounting software.

7 things I learned about Gmail working at Google – The Next Web

Are you getting the most out of one of the world’s favourite email solutions? I didn’t realise that you can “pause” your inbox which could be a lifesaver in some cases. This will allow you to concentrate on what needs to be done, and replying in a thoughtful manner rather than just bashing out a curt response.

Quick Excel Tips Every Office Worker Needs to Know – Make Use Of

Excel is one of those problems that you hate, but every now and again you realise that it can do some awesome things so you forgive its sins. The complicated layout and unintuitive menu system is often a barrier to some so this article is a really handy resource on how to get the most out of Excel (in a basic sense).

21 Ways Being An Optimist Could Explain One Of Your Worst Habits – Buzzfeed

This is a bit of a light hearted post but one I think that will resonate with a lot of you. I was thinking about writing an article about “self sabotage” in the coming months but, according to this article I’m not sabotaging myself I’m merely being optimistic.

Adopt This Mindset and Never Be Late Again – Entrepreneur

There is a good point to this article although I do think it ignores things that are out of our control. Although thinking about it, if I have something out of my control on a regular basis there may be an issue…

Top 10 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Getting Rid of Clutter Once and For All – Lifehacker

I’m going to be spending the month of October looking at clutter and cleaning but before we get to that point check out this article about how you can de-clutter your house (and your life).

How to Have a Productive Next Week – Productivity Theory

I was going to write this article off as something that we’d seen before but the idea about “Sunday being a Funday” is worth a thought.

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