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Weekly Round-Up #36 – Inbox Zero Based on Your Personality, New Moleskines and How to have the most productive day of your life

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Weekly Round-Up #36 – Inbox Zero Based on Your Personality, New Moleskines and How to have the most productive day of your life

Hi there! Another week’s over and it’s another week closer to Christmas… WHAT?!

I’m taking a break from our current BACK YO UNI series to give you a few other articles that I think that you may enjoy reading over the weekend – have fun, and keep checking back to see the rest of my Back To Uni articles.

The best metrics for getting started with employee engagement – Find My Shift

This is a great article if you’re an employer, it’s also a great article if you’re an employee as it gives both of you an idea of what you should be expecting from each other, and how (as a manager) you can make everyone’s life better

Finally Reach Inbox Zero: Four Expert Solutions For Your Email Personality – Sidekick

This article breaks email users down into types: The Everyday Emailer, The Traveler, The Execuitive and The Entrepreneur. Read this, figure out what email type you are and then use their hints and tips to manage your inbox. You don’t need to be running GMail, this guide also covers Outlook too.

8 Tricks to make yourself wake up earlier – Fast Company

There are some really good tips in this article but it lost me at the start when it said “Current Wake up time: 6.30am”…. What? there’s only one 6.30 in the day for me and it’s actually expressed as the equation ((6.30/tooearly)=18:30) GO SCIENCE!

3 Ways To Ensure Your Startup Doesn't Run Out Of Cash
If you're just starting out in your entrepreneurial journey your finances and cash flow will probably be at the forefront. In this article we look at how you can ensure your start-up business doesn't run out of capital in the most crucial stages of its life.

How To Improve Posture: Sitting And Standing Correctly Can Reduce Health Problems And Poor Wellbeing – Huffington Post

As someone with chronic back problems, and someone who has stood in front of a number of “specialists” who have told be how to stand, I can well agree with this article. Please check it out so you avoid issues with your posture in the future.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

How To Have The Most Productive Day Of Your Life – Lifehack

This is a really great idea… if only it didn’t involve getting up at 7am. I mean, SERIOSULY, I thought I mentioned my hatred of morning’s earlier…

Illustration of data transfer in the cloud
In today's interconnected world, data transmission forms the backbone of nearly every aspect of our lives, from the moment we send an email or stream a video to the instant we make a phone call. These invisible highways, crisscrossing the globe, play a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of...

7 ways to make an employee happy without giving them a raise – The Next Web

Yes employers! Money isn’t the be-all and end-all of being happy at work. I was listening to a podcast recently and most of the interesting scientific developments have happened by accident with staff using their 10% time where they can work on their own projects, so be a bit flexible and let your staff work on their own projects.

Moleskine Unveils New Notebooks Designed for Productivity and Organization – Lifehacker

I have a big softspot for Moleskines, I still use a couple today for various note-taking jobs. These new Moleskine’s though are planners, to-do lists and notebooks. WHAT? Yes, it’s all our Christmasses come at once!

10 things you can do right now to be more organized – Unclutterer

Did you know that a mere scrap of paper and a pen could be really important? That’s just one simple tip that can help you become (or at least feel like) a more organised person.

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