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Weekly Round-Up #35 – Spring Cleaning in the Autumn, Does Work-Life Balance Exist and How To Have A Great Evening

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Weekly Round-Up #35 – Spring Cleaning in the Autumn, Does Work-Life Balance Exist and How To Have A Great Evening

Hi there and welcome to the weekend and this week’s weekly round-up, I hope the end of the week finds you well.

This week we’ve got some great advice on how to spring clean your house, how to wind down and sleep properly, whether work-life balance actually exists and how you can cut your working hours in half (allegedly). Enjoy!

Household Items and Their Infinite Uses – FaithTap

Need to store jewellery? Maybe you should think about using a clothes hanger or a straw! And use a plastic bottle to help with your egg yolking. There are 43 helpful tips in this article so you’re bound to find some useful tips in this article for a variety of household tasks.

Spring Cleaning: The Definitive Guide – Instaquo

Yes, it may be autumn but it doesn’t have to be spring in order for you to clean – in fact, if you clean regularly then it won’t be a massive chore when you finally get around to it. This 8 point guide covers items from cleaning checklists to organising. I’ve started to find that having a regular cleaning schedule really helps so check out this post for some great ideas.

Use the Three P’s to Defeat Your Inner Critic and Think Positively – Lifehacker

I’ve written in the past about my The 3 Ps to Personal Happiness and this Lifehacker post is a nice accompaniment in helping us figure out how stop stop being so self-critical and a bit more self accepting.

Chasing the Myth of Work-Life Balance – Entrepreneur

Is there such as thing as work life balance? If you read books like the Four Hour Work Week (affiliate link) then apparently it’s really easy to streamline your life and achieve harmony between working and doing what you enjoy (and all in four hours!) This article asks whether the term “Work-Life Balance” is right and whether we should even be worried about it.

10 Effective Techniques To Cut Your Working Hours In Half – Lifehack

I think it’s a bit strong to say that using these tips will cut your hours by fifty percent . There are some good tips for streamlining your day though so the article is well worth a read.

The Bedtime Routines of 4 Exceptionally Successful People – Entrepreneur

I’ve given lots links to posts in the past about how to improve your morning routines but how about what happens before you go to bed? This post looks at four famous leaders including Bill Gates and Barak Obama and how they finish their evenings so they can settle down for a good nights sleep.

10 Things to Do Before You Go to Bed – Pick The Brain

After reading about how 4 high-powered people end their evenings, here’s a further 10 things that you should look at including in your evening routine such as meditating – which is a great relaxation tool, planning the following day and working out your most important tasks.

18 Charts That Will Help You Sleep Better – Buzzfeed

Once you’ve reviewed your day the how about checking out how to sleep better. This article from Buzzfeed shows you how many hours sleep you need based on your age, what each stage of sleep does and even which is the best position to sleep in (although a comfortable one is obviously best!)

Enjoy Your Weekend

I hope you find the articles I’ve selected for you this week, if you have any articles you think my readers may be interested please leave a comment or drop me an email through the contact form.

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