Weekly Round-Up #314: Tips For Students & Environmental House Cleaning


This week we have some tips for students: Side hustle ideas to make some extra cash, and some handy Microsoft office cheat sheets to make you more productive when working on your assignments. We also have some great tips on how to clean the exterior of your home without impacting the environment.

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Welcome to this week’s round-up, I hope you have had a fun and productive week.

This week we have some tips for students: Side hustle ideas to make some extra cash, and some handy Microsoft office cheat sheets to make you more productive when working on your assignments. We also have some great tips on how to clean the exterior of your home without impacting the environment.

Side Hustle Ideas For Business Major Students In 2022 – Business Essay Blog

If you’re a student, you’ll probably be thinking about a part-time job that fits around your studies in order to help out with your tuition fees and expenses.

While retail and bar/restaurant work are usually the go-to part-time jobs for students there are plenty of other opportunities available that you might not have considered. With that in mind this article has some great resources for those seeking a part-time job (or side hustle as they call it). From going over some ideas for your side hustle to job hunting resources and reading suggestions there’s something here for everyone (and not just students!)

18 Cheat Sheets To Master Microsoft Office (Students Edition) – Custom-Writing.org

Sticking with tips for students, how about a massive list of tips and tricks for a variety of Microsoft Office Products.

Recommended: Being A Better Boss

Woman holding like a boss mug
We’ve all had a bad boss. That person that doesn’t get stuck in, never helps out and doesn’t offer any support. Someone that just sits on the sidelines and barks orders and commands. In this article we look at how you can be the best boss you can and keep...

From tables in Word and sums in Excel to One Note shortcuts and PowerPoint tips there is something that will help out anyone who needs to use Office.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Clean The Outside Of Your House – House Method

When you think of cleaning, you might not automatically think of the exterior of your home but there are a lot of areas to clean – windows, facia boards, sidings and even the brick could all do with a spring clean every now and again.

Using harsh chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the environment as they can wash down into the soil, damaging plants and getting into the water table, so how can you do this in an eco-friendly way? Well House Method has some great ideas on how to keep all areas of the outside of your house clean while limiting your impact on the environment.

Goal Catcher Training – Fingerprint for Success

Inspire yourself and others to see and achieve grand visions and goals. A focus on goals is especially helpful for inspirational leaders, starting your own business, impactful communication, or for achieving awesome outcomes at work and in life.

Whether you want to become a better leader, be more intentional or hone your vision statement then the goal catcher course can help you achieve it.

Screen Time Vs. Scream Time: The Ultimate Guide For Keeping Kids Happy Inside A Car – TopGo

Did you know that having children screaming in a moving car is more dangerous than using a cell phone while driving? That’s a worrying fact that TopGo opens their article with.

“Are we nearly there yet?” or “Ow! He’s hitting me” are the sounds that no adult wants to hear in a car so it’s quite common to hand the kids in the back a tablet so they can game or watch a film. Sure, it keeps them quiet but what about the impact of screen time?

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

So how can you keep the kids happy while making sure they’re not spending too much time staring at a screen? TopGo has some great tips to help you strike a healthy balance.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe In The Online World? (A Child Saver Guide For Parents) – My Comfort Haven

Speaking about kids being online on tablets, how do you keep them safe while they’re surfing? In this article, My Comfort Haven breaks down what can seem to be a large an confusing topic into 5 easy to understand sections explaining what your child needs to know about online safety, the best ways to explain it to them and what you can do to keep them safe.

Perceptions Of Ad Personalization – Signs.com

We’ve all heard about that friend of a friend who was talking about something and then all of a sudden that product is all over their social media even though they never directly searched for it. Creepy, right?

The way people look at personalised adverts has changed greatly over the past few years. What originally seemed like a great way to find a product that you wanted or needed can now be seen as intrusive and lacking privacy. But what do people think about personalised ads really, what level of personalisation are they happy with and what kind of impact can they have on sales?

What Is Zero-Touch Deployment? – Addigy

With many employees choosing to continue to work from home, or companies realising the cost benefits of not having a physical office that people work from, if you’re an IT manager it can be difficult to keep on top of all the updates and software deployments that you would usually have managed over an in-house network.

With a remote workforce, updating employees machines, adding new software or running security checks can be a challenge so that’s where “Zero-touch deployment” comes in.

How to Do On Page SEO without Going Mad – Three Little Pigs

If you run a website you’ll have search of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). No doubt you’ll have had many emails from companies claiming that they get get you on the first page of Google or move you up the search rankings.

Two grandparents playing with their granddaughter
Child custody cases are complex legal matters that often involve the rights and responsibilities of parents. However, the role of grandparents in these cases is an aspect that is sometimes overlooked. As families evolve and face challenges, the question arises: do grandparents have rights in child custody cases?

Quite often these companies will use spammy techniques that might work in the short term but will probably harm your company in the long run (or get you banned from Google’s index completely) so how do you know if they (or you) are doing SEO right? Three Little Pigs has some great examples and techniques you can use that should make your page more SEO friendly to Google and other search engines.

Have A Great Week

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next time, Stay Productive!

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