Weekly Round-Up #224: Perfect Jobs For Home Business, Is That Job Offer A Scam & Disturbing Optical Illusions


This week we look at a massive list of jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home, how to tell if your job offer is a phishing scam and some images that will make you feel a bit ill.

Weekly Round-Up #224: Perfect Jobs For Home Business, Is That Job Offer A Scam & Disturbing Optical Illusions
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Welcome to this week’s round-up, I hope you have had a fun and productive week.

This week we look at a massive list of jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home, how to tell if your job offer is a phishing scam and some images that will make you feel a bit ill.

111 Home Business Ideas You Can Start Alongside Your Day Job 2019 – AppInstitute

If you’re looking for a "side hustle" or need to make some extra cash then these 111 home business ideas are a great article to read if you’re looking for inspiriation.

Secure Passwords 101: Why They Matter + How To Create Them – VPNMash

With the recent news that Facebook leaked passwords and stored them in clear text it’s super important to have a strong password – but it’s also important to be able to remember it too! This article explains the importance of strong passwords and how to create them."

The Ultimate Guide To Speed Cleaning – Pure House Cleaning

We all have to clean (unfortunately) but there are some hacks you can use to make it a bit less of a chore – or I guess you could pay someone to do it for you!

Email Isn't Social Media So Don't Use It That Way
Are you treating email like it's an extention of social media? If so, you need to stop! Email is a valuable communication medium that works well when certain rules are followed. In this article we look at some things you can do that will guarantee that you won't get a...

Workers In These Countries Get The Most Leave – resume.io

Have you ever wondered how many vacation days people from other countries get each year? Or how long new mothers can take off work for maternity leave? this graphic shows you the details for each country based on a number of factors – are you getting everything you’re entitled to?

The Ultimate Business Voip Phone System Buyer’S Guide – Nextiva

There is a ton of information available on the World Wide Web regarding VoIP phone systems but it can often be full of jargon and difficult to understand for the layperson. Since choosing the right Business VoIP provider, plan and equipment can be difficult if you’re not knowledgeable on the subject, Nextiva have researched and written a fully comprehensive guide.

Menopause Statistics 2019 – Menopause In The Workplace – Forth

It’s not something that is usually discussed or considered in the workplace, but the menopause can have a big impact of your employees and it’s important to understand what’s happening to them so you can offer support.

The Best Photo Printer In 2019 And Why You Will Want This One – Light Stalking

If you’re of a certain age (like me!) you’ll remember the anxious wait for getting photos back from the printers. These days it’s easy to snap a picture on your phone and forget about it but what if you need to print them out? Light Stalking has a great round-up of photo printers.

The Most Popular Fictional Locations To Visit – On The Go Tours

We often like to immerse ourselves and get lost in the fictional worlds of our favourite books, films or TV shows. But, just how often are we looking for these fictional locations? And are there any real life alternatives we can visit?

From Passion To Profit

Avoid Job Scams: How To Know If You Should Apply – resume.io

You stumble across a job online that sounds too good to be true, but you go ahead and apply anyway. You’re then quickly through to the "next stage" and they ask for more personal details – but the correspondence looks unprofessional and the salary seems unrealistic.

Then it dawns on you: it’s a scam.

A Family Guide To Kitchen Safety – Product Diggers

Your child trusts you to keep her safe. But if she’s like any other toddler or elementary-school-age child, she’s very curious. And it takes just seconds for a tragedy to happen.

It’s not only children who can be injured in the kitchen. A busy chef or a curious pet can be at risk for kitchen injuries, too.

Almonds 101: Health Benefits, Nutrition, Soaking, Sprouting, & More – Happy Happy Vegan

The guys at Happy Happy Vegan love the humble almond, and there are a number of reasons why that’s the case. Not only is this nut a nutritional powerhouse jam-packed full of wonderful health benefits, it’s also one of the tastiest ingredients you can include in a vegan diet.

However, with all of the health advice floating around, it can be difficult to see the wood for the almond trees, so to speak. So, to help you explore this unassuming nut we’ve crafted a nifty little 101 guide that covers everything from storage to sustainability.

10 Tricks for Android That Will Make You More Productive
Here's 10 simple tricks that will help you become a productivity whizz on your Android device. You don't need to spend a lot of money or have a high-end device to get the most out of it!a

Can You Decipher These Optical Illusions? – Carphone Warehouse

Don’t eat just before taking this test and home of the optical illusions are a bit stomach turning (to me at least!) but it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes of your lunch hour.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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