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Weekly Round-Up #19 – Getting Things Done in the Real World, Awesome Monday's and I'm famous for needing sleep

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Weekly Round-Up #19 – Getting Things Done in the Real World, Awesome Monday's and I'm famous for needing sleep

Phew! That’s yet another week over and done with. Here in the U.K things were rather exciting (if you like that kind of thing) as we had a General Election this week. At the time of writing things look pretty even in the polls but by the time this post goes live we should have a new Government – could be an interesting time! Anyway, if you’ve had enough of all of the political grandstanding and want to settle down for a nice relaxing read over the weekend then check out the links I’ve put together:

Productivity expert David Allen on getting things done in a digital world – Washington Post

In this article, David Allen discusses GTD in a modern technological world. You may recall I’ve had a little “falling out” with GTD recently but I still find the concept interesting. Maybe I’ll give the revised book another try.

The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home –

Did you realise we spend an average of 55 minutes per day looking for things? That adds up to 2 whole weeks a year, long enough for a nice break in the Bahamas. Check out this Infographic from Loft Blinds for some really handy tips on how to declutter and gain those 55 minutes back.

Hat Tip: Mashable

Pomodoro timer for your favourite productivity tool – PomoDone App

After my recent foray into the Pomodoro Technique, I was hit up on twitter to take a look at the PomoDone App. I’ve not had a chance to look into it fully yet but I think if you guys are into the Pomodoro technique it may well be worth looking at as it links in with a lot of exisiting Task/Time-Managent products.

10 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful – Lifehack

Some of the items on this list may seem like no-brainers but occassionally we all need to be reminded that we will fail, bad stuff happens and there’s normally no easy way out but do you know what? That’s ok.

How Ideo Redesigned Monday to Be Less Awful –

Fancy waking up to a rocking giggling thing? Apparently we all do which is why Ideo came up with a new version of the humble alarm clock. I like the idea of it but I think it may get rather annoying after a few days – unless it only works on a Monday that is!

Time is on your side—welcoming Timeful to Google – Official GMail Blog

Timeful is now joing in with Google calendar so that your schedule becomes more fluid and flexible. I’m not sure what the advantages of Timeful ove Google Now is but, as they continue to integrate with Google it’ll be interesting to watch. + Google Now = ? – Any.Do Blog

You may have read my review of the the to-do list app Any.Do and now, if you’re on Android, they’ve integrated it with Google Now. I’ve not received the update yet but I think this may be a bit of a game-changer in the to-do list app market. Keep your eyes peeled for an update to my review.

19 Productivity Experts Reveal the Best Ways to Increase Your Personal Productivity – Reflective Dynamics

I was approached a little while ago to give the Reflective Dynamics blog a must-do productivity tip and I chose my favourite subject – sleep! I’m proud to say that I was featured alongside David Allen and Merlin Mann – wahoo!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

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