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Weekly Round-Up #146: Goal Setting, Insomnia, Night Owls And Afternoon Routines

Weekly Round-Up #146: Goal Setting, Insomnia, Night Owls And Afternoon Routines

Weekly Round-Up #146: Goal Setting, Insomnia, Night Owls And Afternoon Routines

Welcome to this week’s Round-Up. This week we look at the importance of goal setting and whether you’re setting the right types of goals, how Insomnia may not just affect you while you’re trying to get to sleep but may strike during the day as well, how your night-owl tendencies may be genetic and why an afternoon routine is as important (if not more so) than a morning routine.

8 Quick Things You Can Do To Make Monday Your Most Productive Day Of The Week – Inc

I don’t know about you, but I do seem to struggle with Mondays. There’s no real reason for it either as I work pretty much 7 days a week but I think the day just seems to create this mental “barrier” to productivity. Don’t worry though! has 8 small changes you can make to make Mondays super-productive.

People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits – Hack Spirit

Are you a loner? I am, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to be around people or hate to be out in public! Quite the opposite in fact and this post from Hack Spirit really struck a chord with me. So if you like to spend time in your own company, send this article to people so they know you’re not being moody and aloof!

Commonly Misused Phrases That Will Make You Sound Unprofessional – Work+Money

I do find it difficult to bite my tongue and not correct people when I hear them misuse a word or phrase (of course, if it’s a good friend I will mercilessly take the mickey out of them!) In the business world, getting words and phrases wrong can seriously damage your credibility so make sure you’re not misusing these common phrases in the office.

How To Manipulate People [Infographic] – Essay Tigers

When you hear the word “manipulation” you often think of people trying to get their own way through nefarious means. This isn’t always the case, in fact in order to achieve Stephen Covey’s Win/Win outcome then a little manipulation is often needed to get your beneficial outcome. In their infographic, Essay Tigers gives you 10 ways to achieve your outcome.

Weekly Round-Up - Cowboy Lassoing Text
Get your mind palace in order, and then take a nap! This week's round-up we take a look at a variety of techniques that can help you - along with an added portion of cats (which may become a regular feature!) .Enjoy your weekend.

How To Build A Budget For Those That Hate Budgets – Do Five Things A Day

I’m terrible at bugetting. I start out with really good intentions and then a few weeks later I give up. Banking Apps are now starting to help us see where our money is going with handy breakdowns but you really need to play where your money is going rather than see where you have already spent it! Do Five Things A Day gives you 5 tips (well, 6 with the bonus) to get your finances on track.

Overcoming Procrastination: A Flow-Chart Approach – Dr Patrick Keelan

People love flowcharts, they bring simplicity and order to complex problems. Dr Patrick Keelan takes this technique and applies it to procrastination so if you’re struggling to get a project going, or just don’t know where to start then grab his free worksheet and get productive!

Why Setting Intrinsic Goals Can Make You Happier – Lifehack

Are you setting the right type of goals? They guys at Lifehack don’t think you are! If you’re looking for fame and wealth you may never achieve them as they’re external goals rather than internal (or intrinsic) ones. So take a look at your goals and perhaps re-evaluate them to make them something that’s more under your influence.

Level 10 Life – 100 Goals In 10 Areas Of Focus – Boho Berry

I’ve been seeing “Level 10 Life” mentioned more often in some of the Bullet Journal groups I’m in so I thought I’d take a look into it and found Boho Berry’s great breakdown on what it Level 10 life is and how to go about achieving it. It’s certainly something I’d like to look into in more depth and perhaps start in the new year. Do you use Level 10 Life? If so let me know your thoughts about it in the comments.

How Clean Up Windows 10 With The Refresh Windows Tool – PC Mag

I was quite lucky that when I bought my new laptop it didn’t come with any unwanted programs pre-installed. If you’re not so lucky and have a load of programs that you don’t want or don’t think you’ll ever need then you’re now able to get rid of them easily with the Windows Refresh Tool. PC Mag gives you a great intro to the software – it’s easy to run and will save you a tonne of time trying to get rid of everything one-by-one – just make sure you back everything up first just in case!

Best Desk Hacks To Make You More Productive – Red Bull

Red Bull has 8 great tips to make you super-productive at work. Don’t be fooled by the title, they’re not about organising your desk but general tips to get you working well at work. I like the sound of “Fika” – it’s something I may have to try as breaks are proven to increase productivity.

28 Things That May Actually Help You Stop Procrastinating – Buzzfeed

I have to admit that I am one for trying out all of the latest apps and gizmos in order to try to make myself more productive and this article is full of suggestions – yeay! I have just downloaded the “Forest” app so we’ll see if I can keep my virtual tree alive longer than the real-life ones I seem to kill so easily!

Stop Letting Email Control Your Work Day – Harvard Business Review

Are you a slave to your email? Then you’re not alone! Whilst the data is a little out of date (and I’m sure the figure is even higher now), HBR sites that 28% of time at the office is spent working on email in some manner. This is a huge chunk of our workday so have a look at the article to see if there are any areas you can improve on.

And don’t forget to check out my free Become An Email Ninja Course which teaches you how to manage your email effectively.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

8 Tasks You Can Accomplish In 30 Minutes Or Less – Mashable

We all feel that we don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish things – especially things that are for us. This isn’t surprising when you consider how much time we spend commuting, checking email and other work-related activities. But Mashable argues that we could use our time more effectively and regain some personal time just with a few changes.

This One Simple Technique Will Stoke Your Creativity Every Day – Fast Company

Do you struggle with your creativity? It doesn’t necessarily have to be artistic creativeness, it could be writing some code or composing an email – we all have times when our inspiration leaves us. Don’t worry though, Fast Company has a few tips to get those creative juices flowing once more.

Insomnia Isn’t Just A Nighttime Problem – The Sleep Doctor

I really struggle with my sleep (it’s 2.20am as I’m typing this sentence) and was diagnosed with insomnia years ago but it now looks as though it’s not just a sleep disorder, it’s a waking disorder too. Michael Breus is an expert on sleep and he’s worried that the alertness that keeps us up at night may also affect us during the day too.

Mutation In Clock Gene Explains Why Some Night Owls Stay Up Late – New Scientist

Sticking with late nights and insomnia, this article from the New Scientist explains how a mutated gene may be responsible for messing up your circadian rhythm keeping you up late at night.

Forget Mornings: Here’s How To Design The Best Afternoon Routine, According To Research – Zapier

Morning routines are all the rage at the moment – perfect your morning routine and you’ll be the most productive person ever, or so the theory goes! Zapier points out that most people are predisposed to be productive in the morning (not us night-owls though!) you’ll have a crash in the afternoon so having an afternoon routine in place is just as important as your morning routine in order to stay productive throughout the day.

3 Purposeful Questions I Ask Myself Each Night – No Sidebar

Moving from afternoon routines to evening routines, here’s a technique that will help you put a good end to your day, help clear your mind for a good night’s sleep and set you up for the next day. And the good thing is that you don’t need any special equipment, not even a notebook to do it!

Free Printable 3 Day Emergency Supply List – Home Storage Solutions

We seem to be entering into some very dark times in terms of the weather and the way that the planet is behaving. Hurricanes, earthquakes and storms are affecting everywhere around the globe with increasing intensity. With that in mind, it’s important to be prepared and Home Storage Solutions has a handy emergency checklist you can print out.

September Is The Perfect Time For ‘New Year’ Resolutions – Forbes

Okay, so I’m a bit late linking to this one – sorry! Apparently September is the new January when it comes to making resolutions. Forbes thinks it’s because it’s the end of summer and the start of a new school year. So, if you want to start some resolutions you might actually keep then Forbes gives you a great list to get you going.

Cheap Thrills: 10 Organizing Products To Help With Life’S Little Annoyances – Apartment Therapy

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get things organised. Apartment Therapy has put together a list of funky, fun and useful organisational items all under $25 – perfect for Christmas! My favourite is the Digital Burrito Pouch!

Google Notebook Launches
Google have launched their new “Notebook” which allows you to store images, web clippings and notes. You need a Google account to register. Get your Google Notebook here. You can also view more at the “Google Notebook Overview” page.Recommended: The Importance Of Relaxing Yourself With Video Games For Improved ProductivityIt...

Diy Hanging Centerpiece For Your Fall Table – FTD By Design

With Thanksgiving coming up soon then you may be looking at different ways to decorate your house and this DIY guide by FTD will help you make the perfect Thanksgiving decoration for your dining room.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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