Weekly Round-Up #126: Make Your Handwriting Beautiful Again, Be Great At Your Job (Or Maybe Don't) & Knitting For Health


In this week’s round-up we look at how you can easily improve your handwriting with a few simple tips, why being good at your job can actually be holding you back and how knitting can improve your mental and physical health.

Weekly Round-Up #126: Make Your Handwriting Beautiful Again, Be Great At Your Job (Or Maybe Don't) & Knitting For Health
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In this week’s round-up we look at how you can easily improve your handwriting with a few simple tips, why being good at your job can actually be holding you back and how knitting can improve your mental and physical health.

14 Simple Ways To Actually Improve Your Handwriting – Buzzfeed

When I was at school we were taught to write in pencil and then moved on to fountain pens – biros were definitely not allowed! Calligraphy was part of the curriculum too and as a result I used to have such neat handwriting. Now, because I hardly write at all it’s a big spidery mess! But, not to worry as these 14 simple tips are sure to get my (and your) handwriting back on track.

Bonus Post: Faux Calligraphy – Learn How To Create Gorgeous Lettering The Easy Way – Little Coffee Fox

The Danger of Being Too Good at Your Job – The Wall Street Journal

You may think that the only danger to your job is if you’re a bit rubbish at it – but the reverse is true also. Some managers seek to build their own “mini-empires” within a company: you get the work done, come in on time and under budget and they get a nice bonus cheque. The problem is you stagnate in your role as they won’t let you move onwards and upwards for fear their little empire will crumble, this leads to workers not putting in 100% or, worse still, leaving the organisation altogether.

Be The Smartest Person At Work With These Excel Tricks – Make Use Of

I use conditional formatting on my Guest Posting management spreadsheet and it’s a real lifesaver. I can see at a glance what is overdue, what stages have been completed and more thanks to some handy colours that change based on different criteria. I highly recommend you check out and bookmark this infographic – you’ll thank me later!

Weekly Round-Up #171: Spotting A Liar, Why You Need To Go To Bed Early And Win A Free Copy Of Able2Extract Pro 12
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The Case For Going To Bed At 2:30 am – Vox

It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in the fact that my productivity seems to soar once the clock strikes midnight. We are so stuck in the regimented 9-5 work routine and in bed by 10pm, up at 6am mentality that anything outside this seems strange to most people. Gradually as science is discovering more about our variable sleep cycles – and as a result finding that some people just really aren’t morning people (me!) – perhaps companies and schools will start to accommodate these hours in their schedules more.

10 Sleep Mistakes You’re Probably Making – Pounds To Pocket

If you’re not a night owl but still struggle to get to sleep then perhaps you’re making a small mistake that, once fixed, could drastically change your sleeping habits. I’m not sure about wearing silk pyjamas every night, I found swapping to a really lightweight duvet* helped me massively though.

Want to Be More Successful? Drop These 7 Habits Today – Inc

One of the habits is to stop “roaming the internet”. I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop watching cat videos on YouTube so I think I’ll change this one to “Limit the amount of time roaming the internet”! The rest of the tips are great though!

A former Google And Apple Exec Says There Are 4 Ways To Lead A Team — And 3 Are Ineffective – Business Insider

“You make a terrible mistake when you don’t give somebody a heads-up when they’re screwing up.” – I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. We’re often taught that “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” but how can people stop their bad behaviour if they don’t know they’re doing it!

7 Of The Best Self Improvement Books To Read – Wealthy Gorilla

If you’re looking for some reading while you’re on holiday this summer then check out this list from The Wealthy Gorilla. It has Self-Improvement list favourite Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits on there but there a 6 more books that don’t usually appear on these lists so it’s well worth checking out.

The Health Benefits Of Knitting – Write Health

Studies have shown that knitting can help your mental health and overall wellness. The repetitive nature of knitting can help you fall into an almost meditative state which is great for achieving a bit of mental clarity and clearing the cobwebs away.

If you’d like to start knitting and don’t know where to start – or perhaps you’re like me and can’t knit to save your life (if you want holes all over the place then I’m your knitter!) then check out my friend Tina’s sock starter video over on YouTube, she’ll walk you through making a pair of socks from start to finish!


Right, I’m off to get some yarn and hope my cats don’t use it as a toy!

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