Weekly Round-Up #110: Jobs For Your Personality, 100 Year Old To-Do List Trick And Oragami For Relaxation


In this edition we see how your earnings stack up with other countries around the world, what career you should really be in based on your MBTI type and some relaxing Star Wars Themed origami.

Weekly Round-Up #110: Jobs For Your Personality, 100 Year Old To-Do List Trick And Oragami For Relaxation
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Welcome to this week’s round up. In this edition we take a look at earnings around the world, what career you should really be in and some cool relaxing origami.

How To Be More Productive In Your Workplace (And Everywhere Else) – Self Development Secrets

There are certain things you can do that will make you more productive in all areas of your life, and some of them are surprisingly simple like just taking a break!

If You Think Taking a Break Helps Productivity, Think Again – Make Use Of

So, to ensure you don’t accuse me of being one-sided this article from Make Use Of links to a study that argues that we don’t need to take breaks and if we do, instead of making us more productive it can make us less so.

The Global Payscale: The World’s Average Salary Per Country – eCard Shack

This infographic makes for quite an interesting read – for one I was surprised that the U.K didn’t make the top ten salary list, but enough of the spoilers check out the post to see the fascinating figures for yourself.

4 Dimension Of Personality Types And Ideal Careers For Each One – Lifehack

If you’ve looked at the average salary infographic and thought that perhaps you’re being underpaid, perhaps you should think about a career change – and if you are then chose the career based on your personality type (I should be a teacher or a health educator so I’m almost there, right?)

Weekly Round-Up #67: Sweet Smelling Vinegar, Creating Exercise Habits and How Do You Cope On Polyphasic Sleep?
In this weeks round-up we take a look at how you can become a better entrepreneur, stop fearing change and how you can build an exercise habit in just 45 days.

33 Business & Productivity Blogs You Need To Follow In 2017 – JFK Blog

I’m lucky enough to have been featured as one of the productivity blogs to follow in 2017 in this article. There are 32 other fantastic blogs on this list so make sure you grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable – you’re in for some great reading.

Why Your Morning Routine Isn’t Working, and How to Fix it – Lifehacker

Regular readers will know that I’m terrible in the mornings – and I mean terrible! I’m not one to stick with something that doesn’t work and my morning routine is something that I am constantly working but, as this article suggests, I may be going about it the wrong way: I need to look at my evening routine first.

Four Things I Discovered On My Digital Detox – Huffington Post

Following on from creating a better evening ritual, perhaps laying off your tablet or phone will help you get a better nights sleep – according to this article it works!

Every Thing You Own is a Relationship You’re In – Raptitude

I’m mentally decluttering a lot of things in my wardrobe at the moment. Why am I mentally decluttering rather than physical(ly decluttering? I need to break the relationship I have with these clothes: With the blouse I wore on that one special date, with the most comfortable jeans in the world that have holes in the arse… I am not in a relationship but I do think I need to say goodbye to the special memories they hold. When I’m decluttering I won’t go so far as to organise my socks by colour (although I do organise my t-shirts in colour order!)

Hat tip: Lifehacker

Clutter Control Tips And Strategies – Home Storage Solutions

Sticking with de-cluttering, Home Storage Solutions has some tips about how to stop the clutter reaching your house in the first place – I must learn to say no to free DVDs…. but I love them so much!

This 100-Year-Old To-Do List Hack Still Works Like A Charm – Fast Company

You don’t always need modern techniques to be productive, this almost 100 year old technique still stands the test of time – though the modern world has cut it down to “3 Most Important Tasks” rather than six – I guess they were more productive back then after all!

Weekly Round-Up #240: Superhero Budgets, Becoming Ultra Productive And The Ultimate Habit Tracker
This week we look at what sort of budget you'll need if you want to be a superhero (or villain if that's more your style), how you can become super productive without having to work 24-7 and we look at why you should be tracking your habits and some tools...

How To Make The Millennium Falcon in Origami – Geek X Girls

Everyone knows how relaxing the art of origami is, and what better way to relax over the weekend than to make your very own origami Millenium Falcon! How cool!

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed the links above, as always if you have any suggestions for articles please contact me via the website or send me a tweet

On Monday we’ll be continuing our Getting Digitally Organised series and will be taking a look at photo organisation so make sure you check that out – until then: Stay Productive!

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