Weekly Round-Up #106: Dream Big Or Make Changes, It’s Time To Be Healthy And It’s Getting Hot In Here…


In this week’s round-up we look at whether you really need to reach for the stars or can be happy with what we have, how much sleep American’s get and why there are wars over office temperature.

Weekly Round-Up #106: Dream Big Or Make Changes, It’s Time To Be Healthy And It’s Getting Hot In Here…
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Hello and welcome to this week’s Round-Up. This week we take a look at reaching for the stars, sticking with the status quo or simple changes you can make to you work routine. Plus, is your workplace at the right temperature for productivity and how you can stay healthy – enjoy!

Afraid of dreaming big? Don’t worry?—?you don’t have to – Mark Ellis

Sometimes we’re told that we should constantly aiming for the stars, but do we really need to reach that high? In this post on Medium, Mark Ellis argues that we don’t all need to add extra pressure to ourselves at all and can in fact be happy with what we have.

How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant: 9 Simple Steps to Follow [Infographic] – MyTasker

If you are looking to stretch yourself some more though, and want a career that fits in with your existing job, or just want to try something new then you might want to think about a job as a Virtual Assistant. This infographic from MyTasker gives you 9 tips that you can also apply to any job to help you become successful.

Business Etiquette Tips And Quiz – TinyPrints

Maybe you’ve decided to take the leap after all and have decided to leave your old job for the job of your dreams. If that’s the case then check out this great post from TinyPrints gives you all the information you need to know on how to act on your first day, office politics and more.

Retirement: Your Permanent Vacation – Power Over Life

Maybe you want to take your career a step further and take early retirement (or perhaps you’re lucky enough to be able to retire from your main job), in that case this post from Power Over Life gives you all the information you need to know about planning for your retirement.

Weekly Round-Up #158: Emergency Planning, Stop Using To-Do Lists And Office Pranks Galore
This week we look at why it's important to have emergency response plans for your home and pets, why to-do lists may not be the best way to get things done or achieve your goals, and over 30 pranks you can play on your annoying co-workers.

How to Say No at Work – The Business Backer

Perhaps you have considered a career change and decided to work on your current job. If that’s the case perhaps you need to know how to say “No” more – this will make you life less stressfull, give you time and can even improve your stading with co-workers.

Bonus Post: It’s Okay To Say No – Flipping Heck

40 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy (Infographic) – Push Doctor

Are you looking to become healthier in the New Year but struggling to know where to start? This great infographic from Push Doctor gives you 40 ideas to kick-start your healthy h abits from food tips to using your mobile. Why not pick one a day to get your habits started?

PDF To Excel – PDF To Excel

Trying to transform a PDF to another format can be a bit of a nightmare to say the least. I know that the idea behind PDFs is to make sure that people don’t mess with your data, but sometimes you may lose the original document or a client will send you through a PDF and you don’t have time to convert it. PDF to Excel allows you to upload (or link to your Drive, DropBox or OnDrive account) and the convert your PDF to XLSX format.

Facebook And Google vs Privacy
I've started to become a little annoyed with the sort of information tracking that Google and Facebook seem to be doing at the moment. Let me rant about it a little!

What Time Does America Go To Bed? – Homes.com

In this neat infographic from Homes.com they show us what time people in the U.S go to bed and how much sleep they get. I thought I’d take a look at U.K figures and we get a whopping 7 hours and 22 minutes of sleep on average – lucky us!

Office Temperature Wars – Andrew Sykes

I think this post is quite appropriate considering the wildly fluctuating temperatures here in the UK! It’s interesting to note that the “productive” temperatire zone is alot higher that I thought it would be condusive for work (or may be I just like it cold I guess!)

Have A Great Weekend

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