Weekly Round-Up #105: A Reason To Sleep In, Journals and Why You Are Important


In this week’s round-up we look at why sleep is all important, a podcast that you need to subscribe to and you can now see what bullet journals are and how to make them awesome.

Weekly Round-Up #105: Sleeping is great, Journals and Why You Are Important
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Hello and Happy New Year. In the first round-up of the year we look at the importance of sleep and waking hours, Bullet Journals, why you need to be good to yourself and the benefits of mindmapping.

25 Ways to Simplify Your Life in 10 Minutes or Less – Becoming Minimalist

I may have shared this post im the past but I think it’s quite appropriate given the time of year.New Year is usually time for reflection and this post has 25 ideas for you to use to simplify your life and surroundings.

The 365-Day Happiness Challenge Guaranteed to Change Your Life – Popsugar

We might be 6 days into the new year but there’s plenty of time to catch up with the items we’ve nmissed on this list. There are 365 simple things you can do each day to make you feel happier, more grateful and help you reconnect with things that you’ve lost.


Focus On Yourself, Because Most Of The Time No One Really Cares

I think I may have linked to this list quite some time ago but given that we’re all looking to start the New Year afresh it’s quite appropriate to link to it again. There’s 25 simple otems on this list that you can pick from to make your life simpler and declutter your home. This is something I plan on doing myself soon as I have many items I’ve not used over the pasr 12 months

If you’re looking to get organised at the start of 2017 then you may want to try paper planning. I”ve tried with various digital tools over the years but I keep coming back to paper. You may have seen me write about Bullet Journalling in previous round-ups but this article from popular science explains how to get started in a really simple way.

Weekly Round Up #5 – Dieting with Calendars, tracking time watching cats and spending a penny
Hello again. Congratulations, you’ve made it through another week! As January draws to a close...

24 Minimalist Bullet Journal Layouts.. – Buzzfeed

You may have seen pictures on the internet of these really ornate and intricate bullet journal designs and, if like me you’re not really artistic or don’t have the time to put these designs together then take a look at these minimalist designs that are beautiful in their simplicity.

Focus On Yourself, Because Most Of The Time No One Really Cares – Lifehack

It’s all too easy to easy to think about others and forget about ourselves. At this time of year wjem we’re thinking about new starts and setting goals, make focusing on yourself a priority.

Former Google career coach shares a visual trick for figuring out what you want to do with your life – CNBC

If you’re looking to plan out what you wish to achieve in 2017 then you might want to take a look at mindmapping as a tool for planning out your goals. It’s a really great way of getting an overview of everything you want to achieve,

Staff should start work at 10am to avoid ‘torture’ of sleep deprivation – The Telegraph

Much like sulky teenagers, it would appear that adults also struggle with morning routines too. Studies now show that we shouldn’t really be starting work until 10am (I’d prefer even later myself!)

How to Make Yourself Work When You’re Not Feeling It – NetCredit

After the holidays it’s easy to get into a bit of a slump, but it’s not just around the holidays this can happen, we can get caught in a funk at any time of the year. This infographic gives you 14 ways to get out of the dumps and back to a more productive you.

Forget standing, kneeling desks should be the new office trend – Mashable

Depending on what you may have read, and when, standing desks are either th greatest invention ever or the worst. Now it looks like they’re being kicked out of the “cool office” sector by kneeling desks. I’m not too sure about these. I used to have a coworker who has a kneeling stool: I tried it once and fell off the back of it, then I got pins and needles so I have yeat to be convinced!

Project Management From ZenKit – ZenKit

ZenKit is an interesting new app that allows you to make your own route to productivity – personal Kanban board? Yes! Minmapping? You’re covered! Calendars and lists? You bet! This app is in beta at the moment but it looks really promising so check it out and get yourself organisined in a variety of ways in 2017.

Weekly Round-Up #329: Videos, Digital Businesses & College Finances
This week we take a look at how video can improve your sales and why it's so important to optimise your video content, digital business ideas you can try around an existing job and what you'll need to consider when saving towards going to college - how much you'll need...

Happy Working Resource Hub – Happy Melly

I featured Happy Melly in my top 100+ productivity blogs list and they asked me to let you know out the podcasts they put together. I’ve personally not checked them out but if you have a half-an-hour to spare and like listening to podcasts that will give you great productivity tips and help your motivation then check it out.

The 100 Best Self Help Books of All Time – selfimprovement.org

If you’re looking to read some self-improvement books in 2017 the you need to check out this list – there’s something for everyone on this list so you’re bound to find something to help your productivity journey in 2017.


Have A Great Weekend

I hope that January is going well for you – I can’t believe that we’re already a week into 2017! Check back next week for a post on how I plan on Getting Things Done in 2017 and a great guest post on motivation. Have a great weekend!

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