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Weekly Round up #3 – Loud and Proud, Butterflies and Napping On The Job!

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Weekly Round up #3 – Loud and Proud, Butterflies and Napping On The Job!

Welcome to my weekly round-up, where I take a look at some links (past and present) that I think will be an interesting read over the weekend.

25 Time-Management Tips Every Young Professional Should Know – Business Insider

There are some interesting points on this list. I particularly like the idea of keeping a “No Thanks” list, we don’t have to say “Yes” to everything.

3 Powerful Life Lessons From the Multi Millionaire Tim Ferriss – Addicted2Success

Tim Ferris apparently only works 4 hours a week so maybe we should listen to any advice he has to give! As a bonus, at the end of the article there’s a “Day In The Life” documentary so we can all marvel at how the other half live!

Introvert? Extrovert? No? Then maybe you’re an Ambivert – Buzzfeed

The Buzzfeed article takes a light-hearted look at some of the clues that may mean you’re an Ambivert but if you’re not sure you can take a test at Loner Wolf. Apparently I’m an extrovert with some ambivert tendencies… I guess that means I like talking but not too loudly!

Muhammad Ali Prductivity tips – Lifehacker Australia

He may be best known for the Rumble In The Jungle but Muhammad Ali had some pretty good productivity and motivational tips as well. It’s nice to see that he’s more than just “stinging like a butterfly and loating like a bee”.

Improve Your Office’s Productivity by Boosting Employees’ Sleep Quality –

Employee productivity suffers when your workforce is tired. Not only are they cranky, they don’t perform tasks as well. This article discusses ways to help workers sleep better and be more alert. Perhaps this is the start of a company-wide nap policy? Here’s hoping!

Six productivity apps you’ll never want to be without – The Globe And Mail

There are a couple of interesting looking apps on this list – especially if you use GMail as your email platform of choice. Next week we’ll be looking at email and how to get to the magical “inbox zero” so it may be worth your while checking out Boomerand or Unroll.Me mentioned in teh article.

5 Lies about Motivation, Plus Secrets of Sustainable Change – Andrew Bryant on LinkedIn

It’s one thing to feel an initial rush of motivation, it’s another to keep up with it. This article looks at the myths surrounding motivation in the hopes that debunking these will enable you to achieve a sustained motivation state.

Why our brains love lists and how to make better ones – Fast Company

I love lists! And this article explains a little bit of the psychology behind why we love making them so much.

Have a great weekend everybody

I hope you enjoyed this weeks’ round-up. If there are any news stories, apps, books or websites you think I should be checking out please contact me – I always love to hear from you guys.

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