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Watch Hunting: Guide To Choosing A Unique Watch

Unique looking watch

Watch Hunting: Guide To Choosing A Unique Watch

Wearing a watch is not just a necessity but an aesthetic addition to your daily look. Picking the right one can glam up any outfit. From Rolex diver watches and Danish Design Damenuhren to unique Patek Phillipe watches, the options are endless. Having a plethora of choices can confuse someone who is deciding to buy one for a specific reason.

There are five basic types of watches, classified based on their features:

  1. Dress Watch
  2. Diver Watch
  3. Field Watch
  4. Aviator/ Pilot Watch
  5. Racing Watch

While going watch-shopping at Teddy Baldassarre, make sure the dial and size match the wrist. Go with your gut and pick one which is most suited for the occasion but to help pick the right watch, explained below are the three most common types in detail:

1. Dress Watch

Origin and Pedigree

They started making waves in the market in the early 20th century. They are famed for the gentleman look, which was a transition from the pocket watch to gracing people’s hands. Simplicity and Sophistication are the hallmarks of its design. It is not flashy or attention-grabbing but rather subtle and classy.


  • It has a rectangular, circular, or square dial. It is typically thin size-wise.
  • The band is almost always composed of leather, making them a perfect choice for business or formal wear.

Well-suited for

As the name suggests, these watches are structured for dressier occasions to go with a tuxedo or a business suit. It may not be the best pair for a t-shirt and jeans.


Unique Patek Phillipe watches like Patek Phillippe Grand.

2. Field Watch

Origin and Pedigree

The field watch is a product of the World Wars. Soldiers used them during their time in the trenches, and this is why people often refer to them as “trench watches”. They could withstand extreme conditions under which officers had to battle. Field watches ooze a military vibe look and are stylish, functional, and rugged all at the same time.


  • They are small or medium-sized as large watches would be inconvenient while doing tasks.
  • They have easy-to-read numerals on the dial. The hands and the dial often illuminate to enable viewing the time at night.
  • Field watches usually have a canvas or leather strap. Metal watches are bulky and not suited for rough wear.

Well-suited for

Field watches are versatile and are practical to wear on any adventure. They also go well with casual wear and business casuals. So one can pair it with anything from t-shirts to sports coats.

3. Dive Watch

Origin and Pedigree

After field watches, dive watches are probably the most common. It shot to stardom after James Bond sported one in those iconic 007 movies. The classic Rolex Submariner is an icon of this class.

As one could probably guess from the name these watches are named after their water-resistant nature. They have hermetically sealed dials that can withstand water up to 100m.


  • The most prominent feature is the quality of water resistance.
  • To help with water-resistance, they are available in titanium or corrosion-resistant steel. There are dive watches in rubber and silicone variants, but they are not as classy.
  • They are medium-sized and have bold markings.
  • There is a bezel on the case, which indicates how long a person has been underwater.

Well-suited for

Although dive watches are well-suited for underwater, they are ideal for everyday wear. It is an iconic product that is suitable for sportswear, casuals, and business wear. Some would even say it is the most versatile of all types. If one takes a page from James Bond’s look, one could even wear it with a tux.


While going watch-shopping, make sure the dial and size match the wrist. Go with your gut and pick one which is most suited for the occasion.

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