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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Suit Pants For Men

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Suit Pants For Men

A business outfit would not be completed without suit pants, which is why they are among the essential clothing for men. Suit pants are the most versatile clothing for men, as it can be used for the regular corporate casual environment or at work. Suit pants can also be used for a job interview, and even for dinner.

Despite being a staple and a wardrobe essential, still, a huge percentage of individuals lack knowledge regarding men’s suit pants. The following are the frequently asked questions regarding suit pants for men.

Should I Wear Loose Suit Pants?

One of the conventional (and old-fashioned) ways for suit pants to fit is in a “roomy” way. This is to enable the wearer to move freely and feel comfortable at the same time.

However, this old-fashioned way of fitting suit pants is unappealing because it looks “baggy.” Nowadays, a man looks best when suit pants fit perfectly, without being too tight, according to an article by Express.

What are the Different Types of Suit Pants?

Suit pants are categorised into three major categories based on fitting, which include the following:

Euro Tailored Fit

This type of men’s suit pants is perfect for men that are relatively bigger than average. These pants usually fit close to the body, specifically around the thighs and the butt, then eventually hangs straight down.

Slim Fit

This type of suit pants is much tighter than the euro tailored fit and is the best choice for thinner or skinnier guys. These pants taper slightly around the knee towards the ankle.

Super Slim Fit

This type of suit pants is designed with an ultra-slim tapered leg, streamlined structuring, and flat front. Wearing this type of suit pants would make you look like wearing clothing from a fashion spread because of how stylish and trendy it is.

How Much of a Break Should My Suit Pants Have?

A break in suit pants is the distance between the end fabric of your pants and shoes. The following are the different types of breaks:

  • Crop: The fabric of the suit pants does not touch the shoe or is simply resting above the ankles.
  • No Break: An amount of fabric skims the shoe.
  • Slight Break: The end fabric perfectly rests on your shoes.
  • Half Break: Suit pants fabric covers the top shoe.
  • Full Break: The end fabric covers half of the shoe.

If you want a modern and stylish look, the best type of break to go for is the slight break. This is because the fabric covers the top of your shoelaces as it falls midway on top of your shoe. It is not that much of a difference but makes your suit pants look good overall.

Can I Wear My Suit Pants for a Casual Outfit?

One common misconception regarding suit pants is that they can only be worn for a dressy outfit. This is not true. Suit pants are versatile, and you can wear them more casually. One way to pull this off is by wearing a less formal jacket and using rugged boots.

If you are planning to upgrade your wardrobe collection, having several suit pants is a must. If you don’t have a single pair yet, you should get one because you are missing out on a clothing staple for men.

There is no shortage of suit pants for men in the market today. However, you can never go wrong by buying from a reputable store as it ensures that you would get high-quality suit pants.

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