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Visual Marketing Widgets To Drive Sales On Your Website

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Visual Marketing Widgets To Drive Sales On Your Website

We will start off this post with a fun fact – According to studies, a human being processes visuals up to 60,000 times faster than its text counterparts. While some people do query this figure, it’s impossible to deny that visuals are much more effective in converting potential customers into full-time customers than reams and reams of text.

Noticing the rise in the popularity of visuals, brands and businesses have begun including visual marketing in their business to make the most of their efforts. This technique also helps you tie all of your platforms together – website, social media and even print – so that you can have a unified branding strategy.

We’re sure you’re aware of the significance of a business website: it acts as a medium where customers can analyze and understand a brand much better. Moreover, it is a point of contact with your customers that generates maximum sales and conversions for a brand.

So, how can you improve your social media presence and provide potential and returning customers with a great experience that will turn them into a purchaser?

Brands have started to include widgets on their websites to make their content interesting and more captivating. By doing so, they could notice an increase in their conversions and engagement on their website.

Visual marketing widgets have become a popular tool for budding brands and marketers as a lot of them started to leverage them in order to keep their content fresh and up-to-date as well as adding social proof to their content.

Why send people off-site to view your companion content and perhaps lose that customer to a rival when you can keep them right there on your own site?

If you want to be a part of this strategy but are unaware of the best options to drive more people through your sales funnel, then read on to see our picks of the best visual marketing widgets to drive more sales & conversions.

Taggbox Widget – Social Media Aggregation Widget

taggbox logo

First, up is a social media widget created using the Taggbox Widget, a brilliant social media aggregation tool that enables users to collect, curate, and embed content from different social media platforms including visual-dominated platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

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The content can be aggregated using your preferred connection time i.e.- hashtag, mention, username, etc. Moreover, you can then improve the look and presence of your visual marketing widget by choosing from a wide range of customization options like fonts, colors, themes, backdrops, card style, etc. Additionally, you can also monitor the content of the widget by using the profanity filter of the tool and eliminating any irrelevant content from it.

After making the content live, the users can analyze its performance by getting insights into information like total likes, impressions, engagement level, etc. The other amazing features of the tool are real-time automatic content updates, a back support team for customer assistance, etc.

Overall, this tool is super responsive and can help users create an effective social media widget within a couple of minutes.


yotpo logo

Yotpo, which was founded in 2011, is not only a plug-in but also a marketing platform with adaptable solutions. One of these solutions is a widget that will help you improve the shopping experience for your customers by showcasing their photos and videos in the form of an e-commerce widget.

You can buy their services separately, as a package, or you can request a demo and acquire a plan that is specifically designed for your company.


Fomo Logo

The next widget called Fomo offers real-time information on customer activity at a particular business or website. These actions typically include purchases, email subscriptions, internet visits, and similar ones.

Showing that someone just bought a pair of sneakers you are looking at on a website or a room you are looking at on an online booking is important information that influences a potential customer favorably.

This truly indicates that social proof widgets assist potential customers in reaching judgments more quickly when they browse a certain website.


EmbedSocial Logo

A complete reviews management tool that integrates with your Facebook and Google accounts is EmbedReviews from EmbedSocial. It enables you to manage, generate, and display social media reviews on your website automatically. You can use pre-made templates or widgets that you can customize.

Using the EmbedReviews tool, you can improve your SEO and rank better by displaying star reviews in the Search engine results on your website.

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon Logo

The last tool on the list is Smash Balloon. It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to collect and embed content on your website. You can select the social media platform i.e.- Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., from which you want to collect the feeds.

Users have the option to collect content from all the platforms or select content individually. This plugin comes with a variety of features; however, it has been noticed that it reduces the overall speed and efficiency of the website once used. Even though using it is simple, however, you need to be technically skilled in some areas to make the widget fully functional.

Key Takeaways

We are set to call it a wrap and you are now completely aware of the best tools that can assist you to create an amazing visual marketing widget for your website.

All you have to do is pick your best fit and include it right away to see the results!

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