Updated: Run mutiple websites on IIS

Updated: Run mutiple websites on IIS

I’ve just found this brilliant little tool that lets you run multiple websites under IIS on Windows XP Pro, 2000 etc.

As a developer I often need to run multiple sites and it’s a pain to have to shift the root path around this tool does it for you.

Download IIS Admin from here

Updated: I decided to repost this to the top of the blog as it’s been quite a popular page. The above website is now longer available but you can download a re-vamped version of the software from here:

Download IISAdmin.Net (free registration required)

If you don’t have it already, you’ll also need to download the .Net Framework 1.1 from here.

I love this program, it’s a must for any web developer. Instead of messing about with the evil that is IIS Manager in Windows you can quickly swap and change websites from the taskbar – how neat is that? I reckon it saves me at least an hour a day with the number of projects I work on, can’t be bad 🙂

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