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Top Tips for Using Custom Mugs For Marketing Your Brand

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Top Tips for Using Custom Mugs For Marketing Your Brand Staff
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Who can start the day without a mug of coffee? And drinking it from your favourite mug is a habit with most people. Suppose thousands of such mugs were to be printed with your special logo and a message. The coffee drinkers are going to see your logo many times in a day. Your brand will remain in their minds as long as they use your CustomGear mugs.

Here are some top tips for using custom mugs for marketing your brand:

Holding Special Contests With Custom Mugs As The Prize

People love participating in contests, especially when there is a prize to win. Most of the leading brands and social media influencers conduct special contests for their customers and followers, respectively. Offering a custom coffee mug or travel mug as the prize is an excellent idea that offers great potential to spread your brand awareness and promo message to a captive audience.

Some companies create gift hampers to give away to their customers on special occasions and invariably include a custom mug in the basket. Companies selling online get their customers to tag their friends on the posts and share the message with a special hashtag. Promotional photo mugs are a rage, and many companies promote their brands with customized photo mugs to attract more customers.

Your Customers Appreciate Good Value

Your target customers are used to using mugs for drinking coffee, tea, or cold beverages. Most people have their personal mugs even at the workplace and hate losing or changing their mugs. A research study indicates that 60% of the people surveyed admitted to having an emotional attachment to their coffee mugs. And 40% admitted that their mugs are irreplaceable. A third of the people surveyed said they would be emotionally upset if they broke their mugs or lost them. As people display such attachment to coffee mugs, promotional mugs printed with your brand’s logo can provide something valuable to your customers that can be used on a day-to-day basis.

Serving Coffee In Customized Mugs

Most businesses serve their waiting customers coffee while they await their turn. Whether yours is a beauty salon or a marketing office, there are bound to be many customers patiently waiting their turn. Serving them steaming mugs of coffee in your printed, customized mugs is a great idea. Instead of using plain mugs that don’t appeal, try using customized mugs with your logo and brand prominently displayed. It is a great promotional technique that works to build an instant connection with your customers.

Free Coffee Mugs Are Grabbed Instantly

A customized coffee mug with an attractive logo and message is likely to be held on for a long time and cherished for life. Custom mugs have a certain appeal, and when they are given away for free, there’s hardly anyone who can resist. If you haven’t tried a promotion tool for your business yet, you can improve your brand’s awareness with a CustomGear printed mug.

Summing It Up

There are hardly any people who refuse freebies. Giving a custom coffee mug as a compliment is an excellent idea as most people cherish their coffee mugs and have an emotional attachment, making them great promotional tools.

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