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Top 7 Frameworks For Mobile App Development In 2021

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Top 7 Frameworks For Mobile App Development In 2021

Having a mobile occurrence has become imperious for a business’s survival. The number of mobile phone users is increasing rapidly across the world. As the world is getting digitalized, this attracts business owners and entrepreneurs to work on mobile app development to change business. Thus, mobile continuously transforms industries globally.

A mobile app has plenty of advantages of being quicker and effective and can perform tasks offline efficiently. However, it is tough to get into a highly competitive app development market. It takes in-depth study, comprehensive strategy, plan building, and assessing to build a new mobile app.

In this writing piece, we will describe seven top frameworks that will help in your app development project.


Flutter is launch by google. It’s an open-source framework and one of the most popular mobile app frameworks these days. Flutter is a highly dependable UI toolkit framework for developing applications for marketplace platforms using a single codebase. It is groundbreaking SDK reliable for cross-platform application development. Flutter gives an exact look and feels like a native app as it takes a unique approach for delivering apps.

Flutter UI has customized widgets, 2d rendering engine, also known as Skia, for developing visuals, testing, and mixing APIs, making a stunning mobile application. In addition, this framework increases productivity by using the same code base for almost all famous marketplace platforms. This saves time, resources, and money, which is why many companies choose flutter over other frameworks.


One of the best features of flutter that make this framework from others is Hot Reloading. This feature allows the developer to change code in real devices and simulators and see the results in real-time. Then this feature reloads the modified code immediately while the app is running in the background. That means no restart is required. Hot reload makes the process of bug fixing and adding features most straightforward than ever.

Key Features

  • Built-in widgets, CLI tools, etc.
  • Fast application development.
  • Rich motion APIs.
  • Own rendering engine.
  • Perform similar as native apps.
  • The material design comes in stock.


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Xamarin is a native platform that belongs to the house of Microsoft. It’s an open-source and cross-platform framework for building applications. Moreover, Xamarin uses software framework, .Net, and programing language C# for developing native high-performance mobile apps for marketplace platforms. This framework provides flexible native performance that empowers businesses and gives a very immersive user experience to users.

Various programming languages and tools support Xamarin, allowing developers to create an ecosystem with API and backend components. This gives access to a platform for a particular SDK from simple C# syntax. In addition, it has an abstraction layer that handles communication between underlying platform code with shared code. By using Xamarin, developers can develop applications not just for mobile phones but also for watcheOS and TVOS.

Key Features

  • Diagnostic tools.
  • Multipurpose backend infrastructure.
  • Android SDK manager.
  • Full development ecosystem.
  • Compatible with wearables.
  • A strong community of funders.
  • Application loader.


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Ionic is a globally used mobile app framework. It’s one of the most favorite frameworks choose by a mobile app developer. The best part of this framework it’s an entirely free and open-source framework. The app developer can use numerous UI fundamentals in their mobile application design, the Ionic framework’s significant advantage. These UI elements include filter, navigations, tab bars, form, action sheets, and menus. Ionic is a free application development platform that utilizes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript technology to develop high-performance, collaborative native, hybrid, and progressive apps.

Moreover, this framework adds almost every feature of native and web apps in hybrid apps. The ionic framework includes unchanging designs, support for updated devices, and a high-performance boost. While working on Ionic, developers can build apps continuously and ship them to deployable locations using a single code base. This framework mainly focuses on the look and feel of the mobile application.

Key Features

  • Native plugins
  • Spontaneous UI mechanisms
  • Powerful and stable development platform
  • Rapid development in a short period.
  • Complete control on building an app
  • Cross-platform functionality


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jQuery Mobile

If you want to build a high-performance application, then jQuery is what you need. jQuery is a mobile user interface based on HTML5. With a simple API, this jQuery can develop an app with faster speed than other marketplace frameworks. jQuery has touch optimization used in highly responsive applications for a smartphone which gives a quick and seamless performance. jQuery supports all operating systems like Mac, Windows, Android, etc. It enables developers to create user-friendly and interactive web pages.

This framework comes in two Variants stable versions and customizes the framework. jQuery mobile holds ThemeRoller, which gives highly customizable themes which help in numerous active mobile apps. Apart from mobile applications, jQuery can build high-performance and branded websites too.

Key Features

  • enable HTML manipulation
  • simple API
  • Built on jQuery core
  • Lightweight size
  • Automatic initialization


HospitalRun, Dojo, Globalize, and Esprima.

Corona SDK

Corona is an open-source and cross-platform development framework. It’s a speedy framework and highly recommended for building mobile games and other high graphics applications for mobile phones and desktops. Corona SDK framework is also known as a 2d game engine. This framework uses powerful and lightweight scripting languages power by LUA that provides speed, ease of usage, flexibility, and high performance. Moreover, the Corona framework updates the code automatically even after the app is developed and deployed.

Key Features

  • High-end visuals
  • Real-time testing
  • Multiple plugins for all needs
  • Faster development process
  • Optimal performance
  • Strong API support


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Mobile Angular UI

Mobile angular is a user interface open-source framework. It’s a merge of HTML5, bootstrap, and mobile angular. Also, this framework provides many helpful UI components, such as overlays, switches, scrollable, navbars, sidebars, etc., which give the best user experience.

In addition, mobile Angular UI enables developers to use JavaScript libraries like Overthrow.js and FastClick.js. Therefore, this framework is recommended for modern-day mobile applications and the web.

Key Features

  • No jQuery dependencies
  • Develop HTML5 hybrid mobile and desktop app
  • Build a fully responsive interface will a super small CSS file.
  • Responsive framework
  • Provide collaborative components


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React Native

In 2018 Facebook introduced its framework and named it React native it is an open-source and cross-platform app development framework. It’s one of the best one goes solution JavaScript-based framework in today’s time.

React native has become developers’ first choice because it can develop high-performance and faster apps for marketplace platforms in a short time. React native framework set a core set of platform-specific native components like text and images, all integrated with the platform’s native UI building block.

Key Features

  • Short development time
  • Supports third-party plugins
  • Low-code
  • Asserting API and predictive UI


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Frameworks are the most valuable and essential tool for mobile app developments. Above mention frameworks are the most leading frameworks of 2021. Many App Developers in London and other regions recommend using these frameworks to make a stunning and responsive application.

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