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Tips For Your First Trade Show

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Trade shows are a big deal. Not only because they will eat up a decent chunk of the budget, but because they can bring in a lot of new clients and connections. It is all about the groundwork, though. Ideally, you want to generate and maintain a buzz about your business. So here are some tips to help you do that.


Your booth needs to stand out – in all the right ways. You could be in the pet industry, selling lamps or mugs. It doesn’t matter. What matters is standing out. It might be a pretty challenging thing to get a stand that meets all of your criteria. However, it is worth the time investment when you get it right.

Walk the fine line between bright and inviting and intimidating and loud.


The bags filled with swag mean a lot to the attendees. This is often why people will make a beeline for certain stalls in the first round, and they slowly browse on the second. Get in on that action. Your logo on tote bags from, lights, plant pots, reusable coffee cups, and pens. Think useful and reusable.

If you really want to make an impression then go for things like Bluetooth speakers, power banks and gift cards. Work with your budget. And remember, with bags put your name and logo on. It’s a walking advertisement.

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You want people to be able to test your products. And play with everything that you have to offer. To feel the quality, see how it works and if they want it. People are much more likely to be enticed if they can physically hold a product. So, make sure that you have space on your stall for that to happen. If you prefer you can set some demonstration times, and have people come back at a set time.

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You need to be at your brightest the whole time you are on the stall, and on social media too. You can capitalise on the exposure by creating a hashtag that people can use while at your stand. Combine the hashtag with competitions and have an online winner and an in-person winner.

Keep the social going through the day and spend time following up once the trade show is over. You might want to call in a team member or a friend to help you manage this well.

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As well as showing what you have, it would be best if you made an effort to go and speak to people who are exhibiting too. This will give you a chance to build links with other brands and companies in your industry – which can be important for future collaborations.

The people who have paid for tickets to come to the tradeshow are a hot priority for you. Customer interaction, when done well, can turn cold people into hot leads, and buyers. So bring a friend, have them well versed in your products and set to work.

Avoid being too salesy, instead, be polite, answer questions and always have a bowl of boiled sweets on the table.

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