Tips For Visiting Public Places During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Tips For Visiting Public Places During The COVID-19 Outbreak


Can’t avoid going out in public places during the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn the basic rules to follow. Check how gadgets, such as a sneeze guard, can contribute to enhanced health protection by facilitating physical distancing.

Medical mask and gloves by a sign saying "Keep calm and protect your friends"
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It’s no secret that social contact isn’t safe anymore. Well, it’s probably one of the biggest threats in 2020. It’s a consequence of the drastic coronavirus pandemic. While the best remedy is complete social isolation, it’s not an option for everyone. People have to buy groceries and medicine, even if they practice remote work at the moment.

For that reason, we see today alcohol-based sanitizers, protective screens at checkouts from sneeze guard glass, markers to mind the proper distance between individuals, and many others. All of these corona-inspired know-hows are essential to reducing the risk of the spread of infection.

Are gadgets the only tool that contributes to the protection of your health? Definitely not! Though an acrylic sneeze guard prevents virus cross-contamination, the unsustainable store won’t install it. Therefore, the first – and the main rule – is becoming a socially aware human being.

Who Is a Socially Aware World Citizen?

Fingers pointing telling you not to touch your eyes, noise or mouth

Before we move to the exact tips on health protection in public places, let’s start with the main one – being a responsible, socially aware world citizen. This applies to everyone: regular inhabitants, business owners, and authority figures.

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Basically, being socially aware means prioritizing society’s needs against your personal needs. In terms of the coronavirus, it means following safety rules to protect others and stop the pandemic. This is the hardest aspect to understand for some people who aren’t afraid of getting sick.

What such people don’t understand is that their selfishness can kill millions. People with a strong immune system can get sick without any symptoms. In other words, they won’t even notice that the virus is living inside them.

So, what is the problem? Why should they wear masks or go to shops that have installed a glass sneeze guard? It’s simple. They can be carrier agents. It means that those who are the non-symptom infected can transmit the disease.

How to Reduce the Coronavirus Spread While in Public?

Bottles of spray with keep calm and don't panic on them

Visiting public places is an activity that requires prior preparation. Before we move to the means of personal protection, let’s take a closer look at what to pay attention to while choosing a place to visit.

Stores, cafes, and pharmacies must start with air concern. This would include implementing the use of air purifiers and an acrylic sneeze guard for protection. By the way, the latter is easy to find. Many companies have channeled their efforts regarding manufacturing (like Fortuna Visual Group).

It would help to place a list of tips on social distancing, mark the 6ft distance in lines, and equip all public places with sanitizers. Apart from that, employees must put on special protective wear like respiratory masks and gloves.

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General Tips to Follow While in Public

The health safety tips during the pandemic are based on the disease spread peculiarities. According to the WHO, people have to adhere to the following rules:

  • Wash hands with soap. Regularly and thoroughly. The alternative is using an alcohol-based hand rub. These kills bacteria on the hands. It’s vital to do it directly after you enter your house.
  • Maintain at least 3 feet distance. However, it’s better to keep 6 feet. This reduces the risk of inhaling the virus.
  • Don’t touch your nose, eyes, and mouth. You can do that only after you sanitize your hands. Otherwise, the virus may easily penetrate inside the body.
  • Cover the mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Use a tissue for that and dispose of it immediately. Don’t forget to wash your hands after.
  • Avoid visiting crowded places. The risk of getting in close contact with others is higher.

Only Together Can We Make a Difference

The secret to beating the pandemic lies in the mutual cooperation of three main powers: regular citizens, businesses, and government. Otherwise, the measure won’t show decent results. For instance, if a store installs a sneeze guard, the employees mustn’t leave the protected zone and interact with customers without special wear.

Please, share your opinion on how to beat the pandemic? What rules do you personally follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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