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Three 5-Minute Motivational Tips to Stay on Track with your Healthy Lifestyle

Three 5-Minute Motivational Tips to Stay on Track with your Healthy Lifestyle

Three 5-Minute Motivational Tips to Stay on Track with your Healthy Lifestyle

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle for long is quite challenging these days. People are always busy with work and life and rarely get to find the right work-life balance. More than often, health, both physical and mental, are the worst affected which takes a toll on both work as well as life in a matter of time. But here are 3 awesome tips to stay motivated for a healthy routine to follow for a healthy lifestyle:

Keep a Diet and Progress Chart for Health too!

If you have decided to stay healthy, you might have already set a goal for yourself and a health routine. To stay on track, you need to evaluate your progress periodically. You can check your progress, say, once every week or once in 10 days and keep a progress chart. This definitely motivates you to keep working better towards a healthy lifestyle.

Never deprive yourself of anything you love a lot. Just make sure you take very little of such things that might disrupt your progress towards a healthier self! If you have a sweet tooth, instead of shunning all the sweetness away from life, enjoy a small bite of dark chocolate twice a week, or a couple of spoons of ice cream once a week! Just keep track of your vitals and see how it affects your progress (if at all!). If it does, you can either decrease the quantity of such treats or find better alternatives! Or else, you can probably exercise a little more to nullify the effect.

But never keep the extra exercise to one day. Split it across the week so that you won’t even realize that you are doing that extra bit.

Take time every day to update what you ate at what time and how you feel that day in your diet and progress chart.

Celebrate every small achievement

Every small achievement calls for celebrations. But always remember the first rule; your aim is to stay fit so keep track of what you eat and limit your celebrations to exploring healthier ways to celebrate. You will be even more excited to discover newer ways to party without disrupting your healthy lifestyle plans. Walk a little more to celebrate or do 5 more push-ups. You can eat a little more of those greens or munch on a cucumber! You can even munch on smaller treats one day every week. This way you can control your cravings which are a part of diets!

Eat whatever you feel like, but only in limited quantities. Make a special note on this occasion in your progress chart.

Stay happy, Stay healthy

This is the most important mantra for health. Staying happy can make a huge difference to your lifestyle positively.

It keeps you healthy mentally as well as physically. Find reasons to smile and insist on finding positivity in everything around you. This is a great way to inspire yourselves and to keep going on progressively. You can join a laughter club or practice it alone everyday at home. It has great positive effects on your anxiety, blood pressure and gives you a lot of energy for the entire day. Watch comedy programs that are broadcast on the channels every day, or subscribe to a comedy channel and watch it before you go to sleep. Read humorous books and always take things lightly. Try to find something funny in anything and everything happening around you and never miss a chance to laugh. Laughing is a good exercise too!

Include laughter in your routine and always think positive. It gives you inner strength to face the life in a good way even when things are going wrong all around. Write down something good you did or see every day in a diary or in the progress chart itself. Reading them every day or once in a while will lighten your heart and keep you motivated.

Follow these basic rules to be motivated to stay on track with a Healthy Lifestyle.

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