Threat of redundancy forcing us into unpaid overtime

The BBC is reporting that we’re up to our usual tricks again – working too many hours overtime and not getting paid for it. From the article:

According to the TUC the average amount of unpaid overtime was more than seven hours a week, and workers were missing out on an average of £5,000 of pay.

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6 Responses

  • “I remember at my last job, my loyalty and dedication was practically based on whether I was willing to stay on unpaid everyday. When you are paid by the hour, that is a ridiculous notion. I dread to think how much pay I missed out on…

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  • arshad says:

    You are true.The last job i have done,i am really so much trustworty there and you should be to do impossible thing possible.

  • Pablo says:

    Companies are not perfect; job policies in many cases are indeed absurd and unprofitable in the long run. In some industries job hours are regulated based on demonstrated performance decreases and the increase of occupational hazards related to the inevitable lack of attention that comes with long hours – such as in the case of pilots that I mentioned. But in plain-vanilla jobs that is not the case, so bosses believe they can get away with it, even if they can’t.

  • Rojae Braga says:

    Working beyond your usual working hours does not really mean increasing your productivity. In most times, doing so even decreases it. So there’s really no need for companies to force their employees to go overtime, especially if it’s unpaid! However if they deem it really necessary to have an extra pair of hands get their job done without telling their employees to overwork for it, they could always hire an assistant virtually. “

  • NP Jara says:

    Companies may think that they will get more from their employees by not paying them for working overtime hours. I think the reverse is true. Employees would most likely render less work in the hours that they are actually getting paid for because they’ll be frustrated that the company is trying to take money from them.”

  • Pablo says:

    After five hours of work your productivity decreases by as much as 50%; long hours at work are useless. It is no coincidence that pilots generally fly no more than four hours at a time without resting.

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