Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

The Unspoken Golden Rules Of Productivity That Everyone Could Benefit From

The Unspoken Golden Rules of Productivity That Everyone Could Benefit From

The Unspoken Golden Rules Of Productivity That Everyone Could Benefit From Staff
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To many people, productivity is all about creating more time in each day so that you can spend it on more meaningful or important tasks. It’s a simple concept but it’s also surprisingly difficult to achieve. Whether you’re running a business or simply trying to be more productive at work, there are plenty of ways to spend less time and do more things. It sounds difficult at first because it essentially feels like multitasking, but the idea is to actually focus on single tasks and delegate them.

There are always services out there that will help you

Whether it’s forwarding your mail with a service like or hiring outsourced and freelance workers to give you a hand in your business, there is always help out there. You can delegate tasks, you could divide a task into several goals and outsource it or you could just hire someone for the job while you work on other things. If you have lots of goals in mind, then just remember that they can be separated.

Use automation whenever possible or feasible

Automation is perhaps one of the best ways to get things done while spending less time on it. You can read more about automation in this article but in general, automation allows you to complete mundane tasks with ease and without having to worry about it yourself.

Technology allows us to remember less and create more

In the past, we had to remember a lot of the things that we experienced. This means that we had to remember phone numbers, emails and even the subjects that we worked on. With the internet full of information and digital devices that are able to record our ideas and speeches. We no longer have to spend time and effort memorizing things–we can just look them up on the internet and spend more time being creative instead of wasting our time trying to remember something.

Person highlighting items on a piece of paper
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person holding coffee and using phone
Multitasking might seem like the holy grail of productivity, but it’s actually detrimental
to your business and should be avoided at all costs. (Image Source: Pexels)

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Stop multitasking so much

Multitasking might seem like you’re doing a lot more in less time, but what you’re actually doing is dividing your mental energy between several tasks and thus completing everything slowly instead of quickly. To give a simple example, you’re essentially splitting your attention between multiple tasks and essentially halving the time it takes to get something done. While it might seem tempting to multitask, it’s a bad habit that has no place in a productive environment.

Some final words

As you can see, productivity is all about spending your time efficiently no matter what the situation is. These were just a couple of golden rules regarding productivity, but they’re ones that everyone could benefit from.

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