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Marné Amoguis holds a B.A. in International Business from UC San Diego. She is a contributing writer at where she loves sharing her passion for digital marketing. Outside of writing, she loves traveling, playing music, and hiking.
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House & Home


How Much Money Should I Save Before Moving Out?

April 5, 2022 By Marné Amoguis

Moving out of your parents' home requires a financial investment and taking time to consider your options. While there is not one number to aim for when saving money to move out, you shouldn't move out with less than three months' worth of expenses, including rent, utilities, and groceries. However, there are other fees, such as moving costs and application fees, you should also consider. Here's how to determine how much money you should save before moving out.…more »

House & Home


How To Create The Best Storage Spots In Your Garage

March 29, 2022 By Marné Amoguis

Having a two-car garage is every apartment dweller's dream. Unfortunately, garages also make perfect storage spaces. If there's anything you don't want in your home, you can just toss it in the garage and forget about it. Unfortunately, the more things you put in your garage, the less room you have for your vehicle.…more »

Health & Well-Being


Essential Foods We Should Be Eating Everyday

March 22, 2022 By Marné Amoguis

Everyone loves food and eating. While food is good for your health, it's also good for the soul and an important part of living life. Unfortunately, food has become a problem, and many people have a difficult time getting the nutrients they need because they're eating the food that tastes the best- junk food.…more »

House & Home


The Ultimate Organizational Checklist For Moving

January 31, 2022 By Marné Amoguis

Moving is never anyone's favorite thing to do. Many people dread the moving process so much they'll put things off until the last minute, then become overwhelmed and vow to never do it again. Unfortunately, you'll likely move at least a few times in your life, which means you should learn how to move correctly to make it easier on yourself. The best way to make your move stress-free is to be organized. Here's your ultimate organizational moving checklist to make moving to your new home easier.…more »

Family And Relationships


How To Parent When Your Kids Are All Grown

January 11, 2022 By Marné Amoguis

Being a parent is a job that never ends, even after your children have grown up and had families of their own. While toddlers and teens were no easy feat, there are resources designed to help first-time parents get through those tumultuous times. But, unfortunately, these same resources don't exist for parents who have children that are all grown up. …more »

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