The Science of Getting More Organic Traffic: 8 Actionable Tips

The Science of Getting More Organic Traffic: 8 Actionable Tips


Are you aware that SEO and content strategies can support your organic traffic quickly? As opposed to prevalent thinking and belief, SEO can assist you with expanding your site traffic greatly and within a limited time frame. In this SEO case study, we will share how we figured out how to do that using a couple of simple to-carry-out procedures.

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Are you aware that SEO and content strategies can support your organic traffic quickly?

As opposed to prevalent thinking and belief, SEO can assist you with expanding your site traffic manifold within a limited time frame.

In this SEO case study, we will share how we figured out how to do that using a couple of simple to-carry-out procedures.

Similar methods likewise assisted us with expanding the social and referral traffic.

What’s more, you can do it if you follow these techniques.

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For this, we will show you precisely how we accomplished such exceptional outcomes and how you can do it to support your organic traffic. Read on and learn SEO privileged insights.

Stay Away From Keyword Cannibalization

Whenever you focus on a similar keyword through various site pages, keyword cannibalization occurs.

In short, keyword cannibalization means that when one of your pages eats another page’s traffic. This can happen because your (at least two) pages are competing with one another for ranking for the similar keywords on each page.

Tips To Fix Keyword Cannibalization

  • See whether any page is cannibalizing other traffic. You can do that via searching “ keyword” on Google. Tools like Ahrefs can also be used for this.
  • If you can, merge the content of the two pages and delete the most under-performing one.
  • Add 301 redirects when removing any of your content, so you don’t lose any backlinks.
  • If you can’t delete the under-performing article, focus keyword, context, and even anchor text if you can’t merge the pages.
  • List all your site URLs and their focus keywords in a spreadsheet. Check for any duplicate values. If there are see if you can go through the merge and/or delete process.
  • Likewise, you can delete the page if you don’t need it on your site anymore. Maybe it’s older content that’s a bit out of date, or you’ve written another article that goes into the topic in more detail. You can de-list the pages from the search indexes to keep the page yet stay away from cannibalization. De-indexing will help ensure that the pages will be on your location but won’t rank on SERPs.
  • Use the rel = “canonical” attribute to characterize a page as the main page if 2 of your pages have similar content. This will ensure that the main page will be indexed by the search engine and pushed higher up the ranking than the competing page.

Zero In On Improving Page Speed

Page speed is a way of measuring how quickly the content loads on your page. It’s a crucial element in providing a better user experience which can be focused with the assistance of professional SEO services Houston.

  • 40% of the users leave the site that takes over 3 seconds to load, and 80% of visitors won’t return.
  • Slow-loading sites cost retailers a loss of billions of dollars consistently in sales.

Google will bring down your site’s rank if it observes the clients are investing less time on your site. The lower your site ranks, the less permeability it’ll get. This eventually influences your organic traffic as it gets difficult for users to track down your site.

Tips To Improve Page Speed

  • Empower caching for quicker site loading on bringing visits back as this will help reduce the server response time generally leading up to a 200ms saving. There are plenty of WordPress plugins for this (this site uses WP Fastest Cache for example) both free and paid.
  • Make sure to remove any scripts which are not being used on the page.
  • Images should be compressed under 100KB to use on your page.
  • Decrease the size of your HTML, CSS, JavaScript documents to under 150KB. If you’re using WordPress you can employ minifying plugins that will do this automatically for you.
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) this will load images and scripts for a user from a location that’s based closer to their location further speeding load times
  • Check and further develop your page loading pace and server response time for mobile and desktop to ensure no visitor leaves your site due to sluggish speed. You can use a tool such as GTMetrix or Google Page Speed Insights to check on your progress. These tools will also offer tips on what extra changes you can make.

Upgrade And Optimize For Voice Search

Voice search will take over text searches shortly.

Smartphones are becoming an essential part of fueling voice search development. Also, smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and others are becoming more widespread.

Since voice search questions target long-tail keywords (that have lesser competition), it’s simpler to rank for these. Many brands don’t enhance their content for voice-based questions, which leaves an opportunity you can take advantage of to work on your rankings.

If you start with voice search optimization, you can get an organic traffic boost in rankings before your competition catches on.

People have proactively created a different website just based on voice search optimization; It may be worth further research depending on the niche you are targeting.

Tips To Optimize For Voice Search

  • Make FAQ pages on your site covering common questions – you can then use this to focus on your long-tail keywords
  • Use schema markup best practices to assist search engines in understanding what data your page has.
  • Use tools to observe questions searched by people on the topic you’re writing, Google Trends is great for this
  • Make your content more conversational to give answers in a way people would vocally phrase a question.
  • Target long-tail keywords.
  • Get listed on Google My Business to assist local users with tracking you down.
  • Improve your content for mobile since the vast majority of the voice-based search is done by smartphones—brief client sections, videos, list items so that Google can show your content in featured snippets.

Be Consistent With Content Updates

It is believed that if there is a simple method for expanding organic traffic quickly, its content updates.

A HubSpot report observed that updating and republishing old blog posts with new content and pictures can increase organic traffic by 106%.

Tips To Follow To Update Old Content

  • Analyze your content before updating it. It is wise to use tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console to check that it’s receiving enough visits to warrant an update
  • Check Google Trends and update any of your content that’s currently popular.
  • Replace old details and reports with the most recent ones.
  • Look out for any broken links or images on your page. If there are, fix it.
  • Remember to add multimedia elements to your pages while updating them. To make your content competitive, captivating, and intuitive, you can insert Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest infographics, etc. This will likewise increase the dwell time, which shows a good user experience.
  • Using shorter sentences and even paragraphs in your content is a wonderful trick. You can divide the content with lists and sub-headings to make it effectively decipherable and readable.
  • Make sure to look out for the page visibility in its AMP or Mobile version. Try to format the mobile version of your page so mobile users don’t bounce back off your page. This means keeping the load time as short as possible and making sure the text size and design are suitable for a mobile format.
  • If you change the page’s slug (URL), ensure 301 redirects are appropriately working to ensure you don’t lose any SEO “link juice”.

Build Links Cleverly

You’re most likely aware of your favorite ways of acquiring backlinks, for example, guest posting. Many SEO specialists have used this strategy for quite a long time to develop links to their sites.

People also contribute to top publications, yet guest posting isn’t sufficient. They are investigating different avenues and finding other intriguing ways of acquiring backlinks. Of course, one of the most reliable ways to earn links is to work with a link building agency.

From Passion To Profit

Link building is an intelligent way to support and boost organic traffic

As per a report, 89% of the pages are unsuccessful in getting no organic traffic since they don’t use the backlinks.

Adding links – inbound or outbound to your content on the pages gets greater perceivable. Therefore, more eyeballs on your site pages.

A backlink is the third most significant ranking component for Google search algorithms.

If link building is not done right, they can bias it for your site and lead you to penalties, account suspension, etc. Subsequently, you want to ensure that you’re not disregarding any approaches while building links to your pages.

Tips To Do Better Link Building

  • Use engaging text to add links to make users comprehend which page they will be redirected to when clicking the link.
  • Try not to have two reciprocal links from any site.
  • Check for stranded pages on your site. These are the pages not linked to by some other page on your site.
  • Interlink every one of the stranded pages on your site.
  • If you give an outbound link, check if it creates certifiable and sound content. Ensure the site you’re linking to has a low spam score and a reasonable level of domain authority.
  • If you’re linking to a page and don’t know its validity, use rel=”nofollow” on the anchor tag to avoid passing the link juice to it.
  • Use internal linking to redirect users starting with one page, then onto the next to increase Average Time on your pages.

Think Mobile First

We’ve mentioned the importance of voice search in being able to capture the users of smart home devices such as Alexa, but don’t forget that most website users now reach for their phone instead of booting up a laptop, just four years back, smartphones started generating over 52.2% of site traffic.

The more significant part of the users is using mobiles to get to the internet. Also, if you don’t give them an awful experience, it can cause you tremendous traffic loss.

If you figure out this idea, it’ll mean giving a mobile experience that can help organic traffic on your site.

Tips To Optimize Your Site For Mobile

  • Code your mobile site on HTML5. Ensure you’re using a responsive design so it works across different screen sizes, and if you can’t think about using AMP which will simplify your pages so they load faster
  • Try to stay away from pop-ups. While they may look great on the desktop and can annoy clients when shown on smartphones.
  • Give simple navigation on your site since the client doesn’t have a console or alternate ways to explore on your site. Follow industry standards such as the “hamburger menu icon” so people will intuitively know how to access your menu structure. Further to this, if your site has categories, organize them to allow for simple navigating on mobile.

Try Not To Target Keywords Just For The Sake Of It

Keyword targeting is an essential strategy for driving traffic towards your site. By focusing on specific keywords, you can get good organic traffic reaching your website on a consistent basis.

However, if you target keywords since they have high search volume or CPC, you will not just endanger your traffic but also the conversions.

For example, if you focus content around a popular keyword that’s not a part of the niche you are truly targeting, you’ll waste valuable time creating the content only for people to leave your site once they realize you only have on piece of content that’s relevant to them.

You should constantly perform extensive and quality research before deciding what target keywords you’ll pick.

Tips To Target Relevant Keywords

  • Figure out the relevance of the keywords before writing content on them.
  • Figure out keyword gaps, i.e., what keywords you can rank on which your competitors aren’t focusing?
  • Use semantic or related keywords since they have a tremendous capability of driving organic traffic to your pages.
  • If you desire to expand sales or conversions through your content, target keywords with high CPC.
  • Target keywords that relate to your niche, not just the popular ones.
  • Use SEO tools like SEMrush to track down the most important keywords.
  • Use long-tail keywords to expand the possibilities of ranking on more explicit pursuits.

Make Time To Blog – The Most Obvious Tip

You will have heard this countless times however, we still need to mention because blogging is such a staple method for each business to reach more organic traffic on their site.

What else could drive more traffic than content? Also, what else is helps to generate content than blog posts?

To increase organic traffic, you need to cover more keywords, and get more eyeballs on your pages so publishing content to a blog could be the ideal choice for you.

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Blogging can help you build authority within your niche, engage with your customer and provide the type of timely and engaging content that search engines love – plus it doesn’t even have to cost the earth!

However, you can’t just begin writing for a blog, you’ll need to plan out your topics, categories and a rough content plan before you start. If your blog can’t connect with your clients because you’re writing about a completely different subject than your business is based around, your customers won’t get any value, won’t read your articles and you’ll just be wasting your time.

Tips To Write Blogs That Generate Traffic

  • Try not to surpass or shorten the word count superfluously. Don’t build the length if you can make sense of the point in 1500 words. If your subject needs 5000 words, don’t complete it early.
  • Write somewhere around 8-10 headlines for each blog post and select the best one among them.
  • You can use click-bait style titles, just make sure that they reflect the content of the article and aren’t misleading – you’ll turn readers away if they’re just sensationalized and bear no relation to the content.
  • Make a content cluster. This implies making a support point page covering a subject and linking child pages covering its subtopics.
  • Continuously edit your blog after completing it.
  • Make a purchaser/buyer persona to understand what type of content your customers would be interested in reading.
  • Ideal for optimizing your content, title, and even URL. This leads to better coherence, SEO, and CTR.
  • Make sure to include social share links, Pinterest formatted images and use open graph tags to make your content more shareable.


There is not a one-size-fits-all solution for expanding organic traffic. Each market vertical and website inside that vertical need to track down how to deal with organic traffic growth. Besides, don’t become complacent when organic traffic grows; steady emphasis and refinement keep competitors under control in the SERPs.

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