The Rising Trend Of Custom Jewellery

The Rising Trend Of Custom Jewellery


Custom jewellers allow the customers to design and oversee jewellery-making on their own. With the rising trend of customised pieces in Australia, various customers are purchasing customised designs to complement their style.

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Custom jewellers allow the customers to design and oversee jewellery-making on their own. With the rising trend of customised pieces in Australia, various customers are purchasing customised designs to complement their style.

With such designs for jewellery rising in demand, many consumers and fashionistas search for unique ways to express their personal jewellery choices. It is directing many jewellery stores in Australia to make custom jewellery manufacturing a part of their whole jewellery package. Since the country’s jewellery market is estimated to be at a total market value of 4 billion dollars by 2020, this could have a considerable impact on the overall image of custom manufacturing.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturing: The Process


The customer meets with the specialist or the jewellery store’s design head, and they exchange their ideas and concepts regarding the custom jewellery specifics that the customer prefers. The consultation lasts until the designer fixes on what the customer wants.


This is when the designer works on a series of drawings and sketches to portray an accurate representation of the customer’s design. The number of illustrations will depend upon the customer, and it is up to them to decide on the sketch or drawing that represents their designs best.


Once the basic drawing is approved and materials fixed, the designers go for a software rendering of how the supposed product should look after customisation. The software processing helps the customer have an exact visual impression of the final product and make any changes or comparisons.

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The jeweller makes a three-dimensional model through 3D printing to create and analyse the finished product’s exact size and shape. The customer is free to make changes during this process too.


After the customer and the designers fix the materials, the price and the final design, the model goes into manufacture. It usually takes anywhere between weeks to months, depending on the design’s intricacy, and undergoes various casting, stone setting, and polishing processes.

From Passion To Profit

Advantages Of Custom Jewellery


Custom jewellery is unique and individualistic. The customer gets a special kind of satisfaction when they realise that they have a design that’s not available to anyone else in the world. Whether they’re looking for a decorative jade necklace or a bespoke black stone ring by choosing custom jewellery they know they are getting something specially designed just for them.

There are many companies online such as Puravida Bracelets that can offer you unique jewellery that will perfectly suit your taste, or the tastes of the person you’re buying the piece for so you’re bound to be able to find the perfect item at a reasonable price.

Freedom Of Choice

Whether it’s the design or the precious metals used in the manufacture, there’s always a sense of pride on realising that everything was hand-picked by the customer.

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One uses customised design pieces for special and honourable occasions, such as gifts for a special friend or family heirloom. In such events, these custom pieces become a priceless piece of art. Most of the time, these designs represent a feeling or a personality trait of a particular person. It makes it unique and authentic.


Since the material and design are the customers’ choice, it is also in the customer’s power to significantly reduce the production cost. Readymade jewellery can have higher prices due to higher markups for production. Therefore, customised designs can be more affordable when compared to regular jewellery.

Custom jewellery is one of the most authentic ways to express one’s individualism on their jewellery. With so many designs and price options, the market for customised pieces and their demand will boom in the future. There are various aspects of sentimental and emotional value present in the making of such unique jewellery. Therefore, there is no doubt that customer-oriented jewels will be the next best thing for jewellery markets in the years to come.

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