The Outdoors And Job Survival: How To Help Improve Productivity By Taking It Outdoors

The Outdoors And Job Survival: How To Help Improve Productivity By Taking It Outdoors


Sometimes getting away from it all is just the thing you need in order to get your creative and productive juices flowing again. In this article, Todd Green takes a look at the important relationship between the outdoors and productivity.

The Outdoors And Job Survival: How To Help Improve Productivity By Taking It Outdoors
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You’re now at the point of your life when you feel you’re stuck in your work. You might feel trapping in your routine. For you, there’s nothing to look forward to except for the next paycheck. Being bored and apathetic about work can be detrimental for productivity. And when you’re unproductive, nothing good can come from that, right? You can lose your job, and this can eventually become the reason why your relationships and other aspects of your life will suffer. To avoid the worst, consider going outdoor to improve your productivity.

Whenever you’re stressed, people would often tell you to go on a vacation – and you should follow this advice. The outdoors can be an avenue for you to improve your productivity over time. It might be hard to believe but yes, being outdoors can give you that kind of benefit. To drive the point home, consider the list below.

1. Being outdoors can improve your short-term memory

And no, this isn’t mere folklore as this study conducted at the University of Michigan shows. The study details how a group of students was able to efficiently remember information as they walked among trees compared to those who were stuck in the city. Another study also proved that frequent walks in nature improved the memory of people with depression.

2. Being outdoors can restore your mental health

Regardless of how physically healthy you think you are, your mental health might be different. And when you’re always doing nothing but tedium day in and day out, you’ll end up experiencing mental fatigue. When you have mental fatigue, your cognitive performance is at risk, which can lead to a decrease in productivity. Luckily, you can combat this fatigue by immersing yourself in a restorative environment (aka as the great outdoors). Once you take the time to smell the roses (literally), your mental energy will bounce back. You’ll have the energy and the motivation to do more!

3. Being outdoors can be a stress reliever

Are you stressed from the hustle and bustle of life? If you answered yes, now might be a good time to plan for a trek or hike with your friends. When you spend a day or two outdoors, levels of cortisol in your body will gradually decrease. This hormone is a marker for stress which means that if you have lower levels of cortisol, you might not be too stressed.

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Cooking is also a great way to relieve stress so why not grab your camping stove, some tasty snacks and have an outdoor cooking session to help blow off steam in order to get some fresh air and good food into your system.

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4. Being outdoors can improve concentration

The outdoors is considered to be a restorative environment. In addition to breaking the tedium, it can help you focus. This happens because the attention-increasing effect of nature is so strong that it can even help people with ADHD. You’ll be able to accomplish tasks once you’re able concentrate, which could result in better performance at work.

5. Being outdoors can boost your immune system

Venturing out into the outdoors can boost your immune system, too. And if you’re immune system is strong, you can easily fight off illnesses like colds, flu and other infections. You can continually become healthy as long as you consistently take the time to explore the great outdoors.

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The information presented in this article should be reason enough for you to go outdoors every day. It can drastically promote your well-being. If you have the opportunity why not setup a camping hammock and camp outdoors while you work on your portable computer.

In Conclusion

If you’re determined to improve your productivity, you should be willing to make drastic changes in your life just to achieve your goal. And while the internet can be a goldmine for self-help tips you can do at home, you should never forget to include “being outdoors” on your list as an attempt to improve productivity. Yes, it may be unusual for some, but many have attested to the benefits of being outdoors. And if you’re skeptical about the matter, you should go ahead and try it yourself. You’ll be surprised at how being outdoors can affect your productivity.

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