The Growing Trend of Unisex Jewelry

The Growing Trend of Unisex Jewelry


In the past, males would buy jewelry for the women in their lives. Today, women often choose to purchase their own baubles. In addition, more men today choose to wear jewelry. What does this mean for the future?

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In the past, males would buy jewelry for the women in their lives. Today, women often choose to purchase their own baubles. In addition, more men today choose to wear jewelry. What does this mean for the future?

Unisex Jewelry

Many jewelers today make pieces appropriate for either sex. Younger generations blur the line between genders, and this becomes apparent in the jewelry they wear. Both sexes love the versatility of these pieces and the fact that they can share items. Although two people cannot share a permanent bracelet, most other jewelry items can. What should you consider when purchasing unisex jewelry?

Neutral Colors

To get the most out of the unisex jewelry, choose items in neutral colors. Unisex jewelry should appear relaxed and casual. Black, brown, and tan serve as excellent choices. When choosing metallic pieces, go with those that have a matte finish. Although Mister T. could pull off shiny gold and silver chains, the same cannot be said for most men and women.

The Right Outfit

Unisex jewelry should serve as a focal point of the outfit. For this reason, avoid bold colors and patterns when wearing one or more of these pieces. Simple silhouettes and muted colors work best with this jewelry.

Simple Styles

Some men and women have yet to embrace unisex jewelry. By choosing simple styles, either sex will feel comfortable adding accessories to any outfit. Avoid detailed and ornate pieces, as many people find them to be too feminine. On the other hand, big and chunky pieces often seem too masculine, although that may be changing. Chunky chokers are fashionable this year, and either sex may wish to try this piece with outfits they already own.

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Understated Options

Don’t wear too many pieces. Experts say unisex jewelry looks best when you keep the accessories to a minimum. This doesn’t mean only one piece should be worn.

Choose a few key pieces that coordinate. Put on those pieces you love and think would look together. Once you have them on, remove one piece. This ensures the look is appealing without being too much.

Coordinating Pieces

Allow men to try this trend by suggesting a complimentary piece when they come in to purchase jewelry for their significant other. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wear matching pieces, and any couple may do the same. Consider matching accessories for an upcoming anniversary or another special occasion.

Items to Consider

Most men won’t want to wear drop earrings, although a small percentage will. Go for simple studs or ear cuffs. Do the same with rings and choose those with minimal detailing.

When buying arm jewelry, leather wrap bracelets serve as an excellent choice. However, purchase more than one. You don’t want to fight over who gets to wear this bracelet every day. If leather isn’t for you, consider thin chain bracelets and look into styles with simple details.

Don’t just think that bracelets have to mark a specific special occasion either, they can also show someone’s love for a particular charity or cause. For example, if the recipient is an advocate for the environment or keeping the oceans clean you might want to buy them a sea turtle tracking bracelet so they can showcase their support for the oceans.

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The same holds true for necklaces, they can showcase support for a charity or mean something more personal. Simple is better with these pieces. Wear chunky styles as long as they have a masculine feel to them. Beaded necklaces in neutral tones work for both sexes as well.

Men love to express themselves as much as women do. They can easily achieve this goal with the help of unisex jewelry. Both sexes love being able to purchase items they can share with a loved one, and a couple may choose to purchase matching pieces.

In fact, some experts believe wedding bands and similar items will be unisex in the future. Although this day may not arrive in the next decade, it’s where some people see this trend moving in the coming decades. Be ahead of the curve. Purchase unisex jewelry today, and others will envy your fashion sense.

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