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Signs A Career In Coding Could Be Good For Your Kid

Young girl playing with a robot next to a laptop with computer code on the screen

Signs A Career In Coding Could Be Good For Your Kid Staff
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If you’ve ever wondered whether your child is destined to be the next coding genius or if they’ll be responsible for the next Facebook, Google, or Amazon, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a humorous yet informative list of signs that your kid might have a bright future in coding. Heck, you might even want to sign them up for a free kids coding class after reading this!

Your Child Started Speaking In Binary Code Before Actual Words

If your little one’s first words were 01101000 01101001 instead of “mama” or “dada,” there’s a good chance they’ll excel in the programming world. Not many people can claim to have spoken the language of computers before learning their ABCs!

They Reprogram The TV Remote To Do Their Chores For Them

When you find your kid on the couch, binge-watching cartoons while the remote sweeps the floor and does the dishes, you know you have a future coder in your hands. It’s time to nurture that talent and watch them create even more convenient gadgets in the future.

They Prefer Using Hexadecimal Colors Instead Of Crayola Crayons

Is your child more likely to shout “FF5733!” instead of “burnt sienna” during a coloring session? That’s a surefire sign that they’re ready to trade in those crayons for some HTML and CSS code.

Different coloured hexagons arranged in a circle

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They Debug Their Toys Instead Of Playing With Them

When playtime consists of dissecting the inner workings of their favorite robot toy or video game console, you might have a debugging prodigy on your hands. Forget becoming an astronaut or firefighter; it’s all about fixing code errors now.

They Build Complex Lego Structures And Call Them “Algorithms”

If your child can’t stop talking about the perfect algorithm they’ve designed for their Lego tower, it’s clear that programming concepts are already taking root. With a solid foundation in algorithmic thinking, they’ll be writing code in no time.

They’ve Designed Their Own Cryptocurrency — “Candycoin”

If your child has taken their love for coding and combined it with their passion for sweets, the result is CandyCoin. Watch out, Bitcoin – there’s a new digital currency in town, and it’s got a sugary twist.

Young child holding up a bitcoin to the camera

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They Attempt To Create Their Own Social Media Platform With A 5-Year-Old’s Twist

Does your kid dream of building a social network that only allows users to share pictures of puppies, kittens, and ice cream cones? If so, it’s evident they’re already thinking like a software developer. It won’t be long before they’re coding the next big thing.

They Try To “Hack” Their Way Out Of Time-Outs

When your child starts suggesting SQL injections or DDoS attacks as ways to escape a time-out, you know they’re destined for a career in coding. You might have a cybersecurity expert in the making!

Their Bedtime Stories Are Programming Manuals

If your child insists on being tucked in with “Python for Kids” or “JavaScript: The Good Parts” instead of fairy tales, it’s clear they have a passion for coding. Nurture that interest, and they might just create the next big app or website.

They Create A Chore Automation App, But Only For Their Siblings

Your little programmer has a mischievous streak when they design a chore automation app that assigns tasks only to their siblings. While you might need to have a chat about fairness, you can’t help but be impressed by their coding skills.

Wrapping Up

While the above list might be a little bit tongue-in-cheek, it’s never too early to start your child on a path to programming. Many jobs now require a basic understanding of programming so why not give your kid a head start – and hopefully they’ll have a fun new hobby to enjoy too!

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