Risk Areas Every Manufacturing Business Owner Needs to Know About


It’s important to judge all of the risks in your business. This helps you to protect your employees safety and provide a good working environment and also builds up trust and confidence with your customers. In this article we look at some of the areas you need to look at to avoid unnecessary risks to your business

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If you would like to stay in business for a long time and ensure that you have a sustainable venture, you will have to take care of the risks that come with manufacturing. While every industry is regulated in a different way, there are some common risks that you should be aware of to prevent the problems that might occur. Below you will find out more about what to look out for and address in your manufacturing business before it’s too late.


Health and Safety

When your employees operate machinery, you have to create a safe and contained environment. From fire safety assessments to accident reporting and highlighting risk areas and providing protective clothing and equipment, there are several areas you should focus on at the same time. You need to protect the health of your employees and visitors, and prevent disasters and accidents, as well as injuries caused by unsafe practices or equipment.


When setting up your manufacturing business, you should check the current operating standards and regulations. Every state and region has its own legal framework and you might need to apply for special permits to carry out certain activities and trade in the state. It is best to consult with a business attorney before you start your business operation and get updated on the changes in the legislation, by employing a company legal advisor who will help you adjust your methods.

Sustainability and Environment

It is also crucial that you plan for sustainability. Your company might need to pay more tax according to how much water it uses and its energy consumption. There are some green policies that are likely to impact your business in the future. The best way you can protect your business is talking to an expert such as Glenn Berry from Atma Environmental and get a professional environmental assessment, so you can choose your manufacturing location and methods according to the current and future requirements.

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Quality Assurance


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To make sure that your manufacturing quality is consistent and your workers are maintaining a high standard, you will also have to create a quality assurance policy and method. It is important that you implement quality insurance and spot checks in every step of the production, so you can eliminate waste and reduce your costs. You can also prevent customer complaints and returns, and maintain your reputation in your industry.


Of course, the easiest way of making sure that everything goes smoothly in your business is hiring the right people. However, they might need extra training to maintain the high standards you are expecting from them. You might want to outsource your employee training, or have senior team members to provide support for the new employees, but you will have to check that the same standards are maintained across the company, and everyone is on the same page. Training and development are also great motivational tools for you as an employer, and you can easily increase your employee knowledge and productivity with a relatively small regular investment.

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Policies and Regulations

You need to nip unacceptable behavior at the workplace in the bud. Without having policies, you will simply tell people off or come across as an argumentative and unreasonable manager. It is important that you have clear employee policies and regulations and your workers are aware of them. As soon as a new employee joins your company, give them the policies to study, or maybe have regular update training and quizzes to check your workers’ understanding of the company’s principles and practices.

Business Insurance

No matter how seriously you take risk assessment and health and safety in your manufacturing business, things might still go wrong. For these cases, you will need to have adequate business insurance. Whether you have a natural disaster to deal with or miss a deadline and have to pay fines, you need it to be covered. Shop around for personalized business insurance deals that covers public liability, legal issues, accidents, and loss of business or productivity, so you can maintain the continuity in your company.

Before you start any business, you should start with creating a risk assessment and getting ahead of trouble. From making sure that you protect your reputation and your profits. Be clear on employee policies, support your workers through training and development programs, and take health and safety regulations seriously. Consider an environmental impact assessment, so you can survive the changing regulations and avoid hefty fines. If you are not confident that you can identify all the risks, get help from professionals.

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