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Productivity Tip: How to create interactive charts for Asana and Trello?

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Productivity Tip: How to create interactive charts for Asana and Trello?

Online project management software such as Asana and Trello are among the popular applications used by many teams. Asana has evolved from a simple project tracking software to a comprehensive work management platform. With recently launched features such as Timeline, Portfolios, and Workload, it is now targeting larger companies and Enterprise users. Those who cannot afford the upgrade are left wanting more.

Trello, now part of Atlassian, continues to offer its free version with limited features and Power-Ups. Similarly, its Business Class and Enterprise plans that offer additional advanced features come at a higher price. Not all existing users are willing to upgrade. A simple solution to enjoy more features from the same software without breaking the bank is Bridge24.

Bridge24 Powerful Views, Easy Exports

Bridge24 is an application that seamlessly integrates with Asana and Trello. Users do not have to migrate their data to another platform or install new software. What they need is only their modern browser to access it. Upon successful registration and permission, Bridge24 will dynamically connect to Asana or Trello and provide users an enhanced experience in viewing, tracking, managing, reporting and exporting their project information. It synchronizes both ways, so whatever update happens in Asana or Trello, they get to see in Bridge24. Also, any update users make in Bridge24 will be reflected in their PM tool.

Bridge24 offers more than just a new screen. It has a variety of views such as the Power Grid, Calendar, and Kanban board to provide users flexible ways to see their tasks across all projects. They can switch from one view to another with just a click. Moreover, they can easily add or modify task information, or add comments and attachments. And project information can be exported very easily in several formats. Its powerful exporting tool is easy to use, and second to none.

Bridge24 Interactive Charts and Advanced Reports

Asana is a great work tracking and collaboration application. Work is more transparent and visible to every team member. Collaboration is easy, and advanced views can show the bigger picture as well as details. Reporting features are limited, however. It is the same case with Trello. Users may have to use a Power-up or integrate it with another application just to get decent reports. This approach however, may involve additional costs.

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A simpler solution is Bridge24 that comes with interactive charts and advanced reporting features. Charts are effective visual tools especially useful in explaining a great number of details at a glance. For example, tasks across projects can be seen in overview, or relative to other information. The interactive interface allows users to easily drill down to its details for a closer look.

Bridge24 Charts for Asana

Using Bridge24, Asana users can easily view a project, filter their tasks and generate an interactive chart. They can generate more common charts automatically, such as those that display tasks by project, assignee, status type, section, tag, completed by week, created by week, overdue, soon due, and others. They can even include tasks with ‘Completed’ status. It supports the following chart types: pie chart, doughnut, polar, horizontal bar, and vertical bar.

From Passion To Profit

Below is an example of a pie chart with 38 Asana tasks filtered on 2 projects. It is easy to switch one type of chart to another with a dropdown menu (A). Users can drag the position of the chart by clicking the Move icon to place the chart in a different area of the screen (B). They can easily hide the chart (C), and display it again (D). Sliders allow the control of the size and number of columns of the chart (E). Displaying or hiding the legend is simple (F), as well as exporting the chart in PDF format (G).

Clicking on any segment in the chart will display the task list represented by that segment. From this task list, it is now easy to drill down and open any task for viewing or updating. Furthermore, stacking options are available for the charts. Users have the ability to stack or display 2 variables in the same chart. This is useful, for example, when displaying all tasks in a project, and also displaying them by Tag or Assignee. Thus, grouping information is displayed as well as the correlation of 2 values. Also, they can sort how data is displayed in the chart.

Bridge24 Charts for Trello

Working with Trello’s visual system of boards, columns, and cards is easy. Creating an interactive report, not so much. Bridge24 can fill in this gap with its interactive charts. Generating chart types by board, member, status type, list, label color, label name, and created by week, among others is simple. It also supports pie chart, doughnut, polar, horizontal bar and vertical bar types. The charts can be created based on the cards displayed from a board or a filter result. Including cards with ‘Archived’ status is also possible.

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Below is an example of a vertical bar chart displaying all 1624 cards from all boards. Users can switch from one type of chart to another with a dropdown menu (A). The chart can be dragged into a different position by clicking on the Move icon and dragging (B). Users can hide and display the chart quickly (C & D). The size of the chart and number of columns can be controlled with a slider. An icon to display/hide the legend, and to quickly export the chart in PDF format is available at the lower right portion (F & G).

Similarly, drill down is possible by clicking any segment of the chart. This will display the associated cards by list. Clicking any item will open the card in the Edit panel for viewing or update. Another way is to click the ‘Open in grid’ button, which will open the filtered list in Power Grid. More options are available on the top right of any vertical or horizontal bar chart. Like mentioned earlier, stacking options to display 2 variables in the same chart is possible. Sorting options include displaying chart values by Name in ascending or descending order, or by Quantity, also in ascending or descending order.

Enhanced Reporting and Exporting Capabilities

Bridge24 provides Asana and Trello users additional features without taking away existing ones available from their primary PM tool. Aside from the powerful views and interactive charts, they have a second-to-none exporting tool that can easily export Asana tasks, subtasks, custom fields, and comments to CSV and Excel formats. In the same way, Trello users can export their cards, custom fields, and comments to CSV and Excel. They can also export card history to Excel for a specific date range and users. Experience these enhanced capabilities by trying Bridge24 now for free.

About The Author
Bridge24 is a complimentary application to Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and AceProject that allows dynamic connectivity to your data which can be viewed and manipulated in ways not possible in the native application. Stay tuned for more exciting features on the way! Be sure to provide us your feedback about what you would like to see inside of Bridge24!
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