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Productivity Starts With A Refreshing Wake-Up


Productivity Starts With A Refreshing Wake-Up Staff
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If you’re a morning person, we’re happy for you. We really are. Sure, it’s the kind of happiness that is tainted with a pinch of jealousy and a large dollop of envy, but we’re still happy for you. You get to wake up feeling refreshed, excited about the day ahead and impossibly productive, which is a great thing.

We, on the other hand, don’t do mornings. Or we do, but they consist of slapping the snooze-button nine times, consuming a bucket of java coffee and then begrudgingly leaving the house, which isn’t exactly the best way to get a jump on the day.

Luckily, we have discovered a myriad of ways to wake up feeling energetic, refreshed and ready to show the day who’s boss, and we’re going to share these tips with you, right now.

1. Change Your Dinner Habits

If you’re the kind of person that needs a cocktail of coffee, red wine and chocolate at the end of the day, you need to accept you’re not doing yourself any favors. That’s not a myth either. That’s science talking. Yup, these have been proved to disturb your sleep more than any other food. They upset your intestines so much you will wake up loads and endure a very light sleep.

2. The Secret Sleep Issue

Unless you are Edward Cullen, you no doubt sleep on a bed every night of the week. So, if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, the culprit could be your bed and all the pieces that pull it together. Our advice: toss your ten-year-old mattress and read these Puffy mattress details instead (spoiler alert: it’s been dubbed the comfiest mattress on the Internet). But don’t stop there. Swap out your pillows for something that suits your sleep style, address the Feng Shui of your bedroom and clear up your clutter. It will change how you feel about mornings, we promise.

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3. Have Half-Open Curtains

We know may sound counterproductive, but waking up to sun rays dancing around your bedroom is way more peaceful than waking up the dreaded sound of your alarm. But it’s not just about peacefulness; it’s also about your circadian rhythm. Your body wants to wake up naturally – it’s how to feel energized – and to do this it needs to get that cue from the sun.

4. Best Breakfast Ever

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, how many kids you might have or how late you are for work, you need to make time for a delicious and nutritious brekky. We’re talking about protein pancakes with blueberries and manuka honey, an all-fruit smoothie, or a classic bowl of fresh fruit, natural yogurt, and muesli. This won’t just feed your body and soul, it will give your brain everything it needs to feel productive.

5. Herbal Tea Heaven

Nothing is worse for you than caffeine first thing in the morning. It will starve your brain of the hydration it needs and see you crash at about midday. Instead, cut out the sugar and the coffee and start the day with an ice cold glass of water followed by some herbal tea. Peppermint, Green, Chamomile – it’s your call.

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