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Plantation Shutters Can Transform An Interior

Plantation Shutters Can Transform An Interior

Plantation Shutters Can Transform An Interior Staff
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Fixtures and fittings can make all the difference to a room. The pieces that fill a space and which decorate the walls, floors and ceilings, can lend character, tell a story, or simply set the mood. The best fixtures are versatile and are able to play different roles depending on your requirements. Sometimes they may demonstrate different facets at different times of the day. Plantation shutters are one such item.

Window dressing is one of the most overlooked features of DIY interior design, but in many rooms the windows are a dominant feature. Often they dominate a whole wall and the light they let in (or keep out) sets the tone, atmosphere and functionality of the entire space. That’s why the way you frame and present a window, either with shutters, curtains or blinds, is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when putting together the look of your home.

Let in the light

Plantation shutters allow you to let in the maximum amount of natural daylight when you open them up, and give you maximum privacy and security when closed. Access to natural light is hugely important for our health and well-being. While artificial light will let you get the job done, only exposure to genuine sunlight gives you the vitamin D your body needs. This is absorbed through the skin even if the sunlight is coming in through a window. Exposure to natural light during the day will also help you to sleep at night and can help minimise the risk of depression.

Safe and sound

When the sun goes down and it starts to get chilly, simply swing your shutters closed to leave the cold weather outside. If you want complete darkness for sleeping then plantation shutters are the best way to make sure that no unwanted light sneaks into your bedroom, and they also do a great job of muffling any noises from outside. If you’re on the ground floor in a busy area, shutters will stop anyone peering into your lighted window at night, and they also provide excellent security, acting as an extra barrier on locked windows.

Make a statement

Buying a fabulous set of new window shutters is an easy way to make a style statement and to give your room an enviable talking point. Choose them in bold contrasting colours for a striking wall feature or have a natural wooden finish for a rustic look. Plantation shutters are unique and striking and look just as impressive from outside your house as they do from inside.

The versatile choice

A set of shutters will literally go with any look in any room in the house. Colours can be chosen to complement your existing furnishings and they are equally at home setting a mood of classic elegance as they are striking a smart contemporary tone. Depending on how you use them, window shutters work well with both minimalist and maximal layouts, and are capable of seeming funky and playful or serious and austere, plus all points in between.

You’d be surprised at how many different styles of plantation shutters there are. They are also available in a wide range of different materials and finishes. Polyvinyl is ideal for humid rooms such as a steamy bathroom or kitchen. Different woods also have different properties, so do a bit of research to find out what kind is best for the room you have in mind.

Easy to care for

Compared to other window fittings, shutters are remarkably easy to care for. Curtains attract dust and really need to be professionally washed or dry cleaned regularly to keep them looking their best and realistically how many of us bother? Roller blinds can also end up looking pretty threadbare quite quickly. But because shutters are solid objects they can be dusted, cleaned and polished easily, and if they start looking a bit worn then a lick of paint will soon liven them up.

Fit in and stand out

You’ll find that plantation shutters really give a room personality without overly dominating. On sunny days they’ll take a back seat to letting in the daylight, waiting for the evening when they really come into their own. That said, if you want them to make a statement during the day they’re a perfect canvas for your choice of colour.

If you’ve not previously considered plantation shutters for your home then now is the time to do so. They’re so easy to install and maintain you’ll find you’ll never go back to curtains.

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