Ping-Pong & "Stuff"

Ping-Pong & "Stuff"

I have just downloaded some Pinging software that will send a ping out to 14 or so Blog Directories from your desktop.

You can download “Pong” here. I’ll let you know if I notice any increase in traffic due to the pinging. Note that you need the Java Run-Time enviroment installed to use it which can be downloaded from here.

Yesterday I was also messing about with a product called “SideWindow” which turns your PDA into a second “Mini Monitor”. The software download is a 14 day or 30 connection trial and can be downloaded from here.

It was actually quite a funky bit of software and I used it to store my task list on so that it was visible all of the time. The one thing I would say is that your PDA needs quite good resolution for it to be effective so if, like me, you only have a fairly low res screen it may be worthwhile investing in NYIDot which allows you to create”virtual” screen resolutions.

I’ve uninstalled it now as to be honest I can’t justify buying it – plus I think if I wanted a second monitor I’d go for a full-size one, but it was worth a look.

Right, off to try “Pong” – fingers crossed!

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