GTD and the Guardian Newspaper

GTD and the Guardian Newspaper

It’s not often that I agree with The Guardian (particularly due to their strange – and often melodramatic – slant on news and current affairs) but they’ve really jumped on the GTD bandwagon recently publishing two articles on the subject in the past month.

29th September 2005 – Meet the man who can bring order to your universe

“Time management guru David Allen has established a cult following. Devotees of his Getting Things Done manifesto claim it has the power to change lives. Ben Hammersley is a believer….

Geeks, for example, love it, because it’s a system, a framework that anything can be hung from. This universal usefulness is stretching out of the business world, too: the books are popular with at-home parents and students. Doctors treating patients with attention deficit disorder have found the mind-sweeping and list-making technique offers relief by ridding the mind of distractions. GTD, it seems, might well be the next big idea whose time has come. After all, as Allen says: ‘You’re born an open loop; we’re all on the planet to finish something.'”

20th October 2005 – Fitter, Happier, More Productive

“Thanks to David Allen’s cult time-management credo, David McCandless has a tidy desk, a clear conscience, increased output – and has fallen in love with his filing cabinet…

On the web, for example, Getting Things Done (GTD) has gone supernova. Web and IT professionals have taken Allen’s core ideas and refined them into ever more effective tips called “life hacks”. Adherents swap these across a broad network of blogs, wikis and websites such as – all amid a considerable amount of one-upmanship over who has the biggest and best system.”

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