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Photo Booth Ideas For Events: Tips And Tricks

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The photos you capture can have an immense sentimental value attached to them, so they’re exceptional indeed. These are some of the things that we look for when we want to reminisce or if we want to feel happier when things get particularly rough. They’re also a great way to preserve the most memorable moments in your life, such as weddings and birthdays, among others.

Since events are an opportunity for large groups of people to gather, there are many chances to take the best snapshots. So, making it easier to capture the best photos is becoming one of the top priorities by event organizers to make their guests remember the occasion for the rest of their lives. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for a typical photo booth since there are more innovative, creative, and fun booth ideas for events.

Photo Booths In Events Are Essential

Although they almost died out a few years ago, photo booths have found their way back to become one of the highlights of events once again. Conferences, trade shows, conventions, corporate seminars, and even parties have one to serve as a souvenir for the attendees. These booths also make these events more engaging, exciting, and pleasant for most people participating in the occasion.

Photo booths, especially those that are creative and interactive, could provide attendees with a memorable experience. Also, since we’re experiencing a technological boom, there are many interactive booth ideas that you could use to take your photo booth game to the next level. You could do this by making them even more engaging and social by using social media networks. This could provide the attendees of your event with a unique experience through photos, videos, and GIFs that they could share with their friends and families.

How To Get The Best Photo Booth For Your Event

A photo booth will contribute significantly to the success of the event you’re planning, but it needs to complement the occasion and your goal. Luckily, you have two options: a professional or DIY photo booth. Either way, it should make the event very memorable for your guests.

DIY Or Professional Photo Booth?

Although they may seem to be identical, these two have some significant differences. You need to consider these factors before finding the best one for the event you’re planning.

Professional photo booths are relatively easy to get up and running, and you can hire a third party to do all the work for you. On the other hand, a DIY setup requires that you set aside resources to purchase the equipment needed, and you should have some knowledge on how to get it running.

Tips And Booth Ideas For Events

These are some of the ideas that can help you when you need a photo booth set up for your event:

1. Make It Personalized

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Making your photo booth personalized will make the images produced to be relevant to your event, especially when it’s a theme-based celebration, like a wedding. A photobooth weddings use will make the occasion more trendy and increase its chances of being remembered for a long time.

For a corporate event, a personalized photo booth would also allow you to create pictures that will help market your brand. You can add your logo or any image to the photos taken by your attendees, who will likely post them on social media, making it an even more effective marketing tool.

2. Take Advantage Of Social Media

You’re already generating a lot of buzz in the real world because of your upcoming event, but it may not be as hyped in the digital world as you may think. Although it’s good for business, taking advantage of the benefits that could be brought by social media is often difficult to achieve. One strategy that you can employ to do this is by encouraging your guests to post their photos on their social media accounts to gain a wider audience.

You could also make it a lot smarter by uploading the captured images on social media in real-time. By automating this process, you won’t have to rely on your guests to upload their photos manually. Removing barriers is one of the best factors that could encourage them to share their snapshots online.

By taking advantage of social media, you could also create a potential base for future customers by gathering their basic contact information. This data could be used to convince them to avail of your services in the future.

3. Use A Real-Time Social Media Wall

Having a social media wall will enable you to display the photos captured by your attendees using mentions, hashtags, and other related topics on a large screen. You could gather the images, videos, and GIFs needed to populate the screen by linking it to a virtual photo booth for events. You also don’t need to have a background in IT if you want to do this, as many apps could do this automatically.

Setting up a social media wall for your event will also make your attendees more engaged as their photos will be displayed for all people to see. This would encourage them to take more pictures that could be viewed both on the screen and online. So, the hashtag or topic you want more people to see will easily be the social media trend.

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4. Place The Booth Strategically

You might have the perfect, engaging photo booth, but your efforts can go to waste if it’s placed poorly at your venue. This could happen, especially if it’s placed in an area that is hard to reach or have less traffic. But it doesn’t mean that you need to put it right by the entrance, making it less convenient for your guests to get inside the venue.

The photo booth should be placed in an area where it gets your guests’ attention while still providing enough space for them and the other things needed for the event. By doing so, you’ll have more room for the event itself, for your guests to socialize, and for the people lining up to take a picture.


The best photo booth ideas for events that you’re planning would inevitably yield great results. It would also make the occasion more hyped up on social media, especially if you’re using interactive photo booths and social media walls. By getting your attendees engaged, photo booths could prove to be a big help in promoting the event itself and your business to more people both online and offline.

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