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Inspire your readers – use motivating design
June 1, 2006 By Katy Whitton

The dictionary defines motivation as: To provide with an incentive; move to action; impel. When someone enters your website, it takes less than 1/20th of a second to decide whether or not they find your website visually appealing or not. This is quite a … Read Article »

Career Development

Dress Smarter: Work Smarter
June 1, 2006 By Katy Whitton

Do you work better having a pyjama day or a smartly dressed day? I think it's probably subjective but I try to explain the benefits of dressing smartly (even in a home office) … Read Article »


Motivate Yourself – Use the 'Fear Factor'
June 1, 2006 By Katy Whitton

I’ve been wandering around the internet for the past couple of hours looking at various motivational websites – quite a few of which were quite uninspiring (surely if you want to motivate people the design of your site itself should be motivating – or … Read Article »

Productivity News

Open For Business
June 1, 2006 By Katy Whitton

I’ve had enough of the Chitika eMini Malls, they’re not paying their way and they are slowing the load time of this site down something chronic so over the next week or so they will be disappearing. Because I need to pay for my … Read Article »


Get people re-involved: Change the format
June 1, 2006 By Katy Whitton

I started thinking about this post last night in the middle of a pub quiz. One of my local pubs runs a quiz every two weeks. There’s never a set quiz master, to keep it fresh quiz regulars take it in turns to write … Read Article »


David Allen PodCast
June 1, 2006 By Katy Whitton

Over at the Podcast Network, the Cranky Middle Manager Show has run a good interview with David Allen on various aspects of GTD. It’s well worth a listen and certainly cleared up a couple of queries I had about projects. I know I’m technically … Read Article »

Computer & Software Tips

What version of Linux is best for you?
June 1, 2006 By Katy Whitton

Take a quick and simple test to find out which Linux distribution will most fulfill your needs. Based on your computing expertise and what you’ll be using the operating system for, it’s a handy little quiz. Take the Linux quiz here … Read Article »

Blogging & Business

Blogging And Personality Types
June 1, 2006 By Katy Whitton

Bloginality have an interesting take on the Myers-Briggs personality test by linking it to blogging. Answer a few simple questions and they give you your “Blogging Personality Type” with the added bonus of links through to how this works for careers etc. Here are my … Read Article »