Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time


Picture of a church in a field
February 9, 2022 By Staff

Running a religious organization such as a church or charity is not a business. But these institutions have to handle money wisely, even as they focus on serving a purpose instead of earning profits. The balance can get tricky as you need money to … Read Article »


Concept art of a circuit board in the shape of a brain
February 2, 2022 By Staff

Businesses are now thinking of adding MLOps into their structures. The fast-growing Machine Learning Operations technology is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning is changing how people and businesses use and understand data. It is here to readjust the world in several … Read Article »

House & Home

Worker laying roof tiles
February 2, 2022 By Staff

It can be devastating to come home and find your roofing contractor has caused damage to your property. Your mood changes from that of excitement to a mixture of frustration and anxiety. You get worried about how you will solve the issue without being … Read Article »


Wooden blocks with one highlighted in red with a lightbulb on it
February 2, 2022 By MansiDhorda95

It's impossible to avoid mental obstacles while you're working on a major project, yet they're inevitable. After making a ton of progress, in the beginning, you suddenly encounter a mental block and can't proceed any further. You may turn completely blank when that happens. … Read Article »